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Spotlighting The Changing Landscape Of Entrepreneurship At The Startup Summit

The start-up summit 2016 had a brain storming panel, discussions on developing ecosystems for start-up entrepreneurship, how to launch your start-up, early funding business landscape, start-up to scale up among others.


How An App Can Mobilize Your Business

Mix your business with technology and succeed ahead in the corporate world.


How Can Entrepreneurs Use Technology To Become More Productive?

Whatever piece of technology you are using should be the best option available to you.

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Twilio IPO Exceeds Expectations, Despite Brexit Angst

The communications software provider on Wednesday defied stock market volatility by raising $150 million.

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Bangalore –Based Incubator And VC To Invest In 5 Healthcare Startups This Year

Size of each investment including follow-on funding will range between $500,000 and $2,000,000.


These Startups Will Help You Get Your Daily Music Fix

For artist and listeners alike, these startups are all you need for your rhythm divine.

Science & Technology

How to Build Incredible, Game-Changing Technology Fast (and Right)

To stand out in the market, hit on customers' pain points -- and solve them -- before someone beats you to it.


How Should Entrepreneurs Avoid Silly Tech Mistakes

Don't consider yourself a wise person if even you have crossed half a millions of shares and likes because some stupid blunders might take that all of a sudden.


Ways To Determine The Best Pricing Model For Your App

Launch time is usually the best time to attract more user attention to the app; so, don't charge outrageously. Be reasonable!

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This Founder Launched a $14,000 Smartphone Immediately After Laying Off Employees at His Other Startup

People in Israel's tight-knit startup community are talking about the reported death, and the odd life, of once high-flying startup Mobli.

Starting a Business

10 Tech Companies to Watch - Entrepreneur's Brilliant 100

These companies are harnessing the power of technology to improve most aspects of life, from education to shopping and gun safety.

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Financial Tech Startups Compete for U.S. Immigrant Market

Upstart firms -- along with expanding digital and mobile options from Western Union and MoneyGram -- are helping immigrants deepen their roots in the United States at a time when incendiary anti-immigration rhetoric dominates national politics.


Everything You Need To Know About Costing Of Mobile App

Now that you know the exact layout what your app should be like, how much is it going to cost? Is it subtle?


New App Turns Your Mobile Keyboard Into a GIF Library

Giphy Keys releases today on iOS.

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8 Tech Pioneers to Watch

From online formal wear to people's posture to personal storage, these tech companies aim to improve, maybe revolutionize, our lives.