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These Startups Will Help You Get Your Daily Music Fix For artist and listeners alike, these startups are all you need for your rhythm divine.

By Ritu Kochar

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These days, the maximum time we spend is with our ear/headphones. Plugged in to our ears, these devices give us one of the greatest things created by humans – music.

This relation between music and humans is so dynamic that each one of us relate to a particular genre. Technology has played a huge role in making this connection possible and the music industry itself has evolved with the advent of computers. Genres like EDM completely depend on it.

A recent trend this industry has seen is music getting more personalized and technology providing a platform for budding artists. It started with platforms like YouTube, and startups like Pandora and Spotify are taking it forward. These not only provide a chance to the artists who want to make their music known but also to audiences who want to know about new and upcoming music. Let's find out more about some of these music startups in India which are helping artists and listeners alike.

Unleash your inner bathroom singer

Inspired by millions of bathroom singers who are just too shy to let their inner performer out, From Mug To Mike is a platform which gives them a chance to learn music formally. Founded by a techie and trained singer, Sunil Koshy and his wife, Archana Hallikeri, From Mug To Mike has brought the dreams of many bathroom singers to life by unleashing their inner performer.

By connecting with this startup, an aspiring singer gets to attend a workshop that where they can take their singing experience from bathroom to a high end studio. It helps the singer to overcome their stage fright and gives basic training, tips and tricks and other misconceptions about learning music.

Your search for a platform ends here

Aiming to be a "springboard for creativity', Springr is more like an art incubator than a startup looking at the way it works. Founded by Abhinav Sree, Ashwin Lal and Dhanya, Springr provides a platform to new and young artists to hone creativity for long term benefits. It also helps them get funding and other opportunities in the music industry.

Other than this, other benefits, provided by Springr is that it aims to organise six major events this year and 15 Youtube hits in per year giving a chance to one and all. And the best part is that these need not necessarily be necessarily be music, but any art event.

Advertise your music for free and help a NGO

Based in New Delhi, Kroomsa is a platform for independent bands/artists. These artists can upload their music online which is available for download and streaming online.

What makes this music platform special is that this is not a dais for you to showcase your and your band's talent you get almost free advertising. How it works is that you advertisement is embedded in the song and once the song is downloaded and played on different channels or music systems, it will carry the advertisement, providing you with free marketing both by displaying and word of mouth. Though you will be charged once for the download, but the tracks for download.

Also, how it works is 40% of the ad revenue goes to artist/band and 20% of it goes to an NGO of your choice.

Travel for music

Muzenly is the Bible for all music festival fanatics. A one shop for all your music needs, this startup's goal is to be the one stop shop for all you music needs. They want to make it so convenient that people would want to travel for music to festivals in different cities and countries.

A social media for music lovers, platform that allows you to car pool, share accommodation, post extra tickets, and book Music Festival Packages. Ever been in a new city for music festival without friends? This startup will let you connect with likeminded people and we all know there's no bond deeper than that of music.

Ritu Kochar

Former Staff, Entrepreneur India

Ritu used to work as a Feature writer for Entrepreneur India.
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