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Tech Startups Are Prodding the Dinosaur That Is the Insurance Industry

With a huge unmet need for insurance in the U.S., it's prime time for tech entrepreneurs to modernize the aging system.

8 Myths Technologists Believe That Sink Businesses

Rarely do inventors and product creators possess the business skills necessary to launch a successful startup. That's why they need an effective parter.

6 Tips for First-Time Entrepreneurs

Want to avoid turning into one of those dorky characters on 'Silicon Valley'? Here's how.

Zach Halmstad

6 Challenges Facing Enterprise Technologies

From the cloud to customer demands, here are some the biggest challenges in enterprise tech right now.

Zach Cutler

Tech 'Winter' May Be Coming. Here Is What It Means for Your Startup.

If so-called unicorns are overvalued, it may send reverberations throughout the investment community. Do these five things to be more prepared.

Alex Iskold

7 Startups That Are Owning the Data Game

If you want to succeed in business in 2015 and beyond, you have to invest in data like these companies.

Sujan Patel

A Franchise Who Learned to 'Network' in Much More Than a Computer Kind of Way

Bob Riesenbach imposed certain requirements on himself to escape his "quiet, introverted side" and find small business success.

5 Exciting Ways Health-Tech Startups Are Improving Lives

These companies are doing more than creating fitness apps -- they're improving lives in many fundamental ways.

Zach Cutler

Want a New Website? You May Have to Put in a Lot of Work to Get One.

Website building sites save you money, but they don't save you time.

Andrew Yang

5 Helpful Pre-Launch Resources for Online Startups

Generating buzz for your company in the beginning is a make-or-break task.

Jonathan Long

Should Your Startup Outsource Tech? 4 Questions to Help You Decide.

Just how soon do you have to get that product of yours to market?

Why There Has Never Been a Better Time to Be an Education Entrepreneur

Six reasons why you should get in on the digital trend of communicating the 3Rs -- and so much more -- via technology.

Michael Staton