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'Turn Left at the TSA Line' and 8 Other Travel Hacks That Will Save You Time and Money

Nail your next trip with these genius expert-backed tricks for navigating airports and airplanes.


From Garden to Plate: How One Top Female Chef Is Transforming Green Cuisine

At The Restaurant at JUSTIN, Chef Rachel Haggstrom will change the menu at the last minute just to make sure all the ingredients are fresh.

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Turns Out, All of Those 'Never-Ending' Cruises Might Come With a Big Catch — Now This Retiree Buyer Is Requesting a Refund on His $1 Million Condo

Travelers eager to board long-term residential cruise ships are facing a common problem.


Why Successful People Engage in These 7 Types of Hobbies

If you want to be more successful, consider how you're spending your time. Successful people have a lot of similarities in how they spend their time and what they enjoy doing.

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Chip and Joanna Gaines Turned a 100-Year-Old Building Into a Boutique Hotel in Waco. Take a Look Inside.

The Art Deco-inspired decor is a big change from the couple's signature shiplap.

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This Cruise Line Will Let You Take Unlimited Vacations at Sea for Just $300 — Here's How to Qualify for the Deal

The offer builds on another unlimited pass released earlier this year.

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I'm a U.S.-Born Entrepreneur Happily Raising My Kids in Spain. But I Still Use One Very American Parenting Approach to Foster Long-Term Success.

I'm so glad my children are growing up here, but when it comes to setting them up for success, it's all about balance.

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Boeing Is Making It Easier to Turn Its Smallest Airliner Into an Enormous Private Jet — See How

These airliner-sized private jets are flying hotel rooms complete with bedrooms, showers, theaters, couches, dining rooms, and flatscreen televisions.

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Bill Gates Used to Fly Economy All the Time When He Could Easily Afford First Class — For a Surprisingly Relatable Reason

Why would one of the richest men in the world choose a cheap seat? It wasn't because he couldn't afford the extra legroom.

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Wealthy Travelers Are Flocking to a New Luxury Cruise Ship With a Rolex Store, Crystal-Infused Water, and a $190 Tasting Menu. See Inside.

Popular luxury resort brands like Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, and Aman are also building out their own luxury floating hotel portfolios.


We Snagged Our Dream Home on a Luxurious Cruise Ship With $8 Million Residences. Here's What Sold Us on the Investment.

We'd always loved the cruise lifestyle — so we decided to make it more permanent.

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Partial to the Window Seat? One Major U.S. Airline Has Good News for You.

Window seat flyers are getting an upgrade as United Airlines revamps its boarding process.


I Tried the Semi-Private Air Carrier That Lets You Arrive 20 Minutes Before Your Flight. Here's What It Was Like — And How to Do It Affordably.

"There's a reason people pay 10 to 100 times more to fly privately than to fly commercially. You just want to save time, right? It's not about Champagne and caviar."

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How a Side Hustle Taking People on 'Urban Hikes' Became a Lucrative Business

Kansas City native Lisa Peña shows tourists and locals parts of the city they'd never see by car.