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Apple Is Opening Up Its Powerful App Store for the First Time Ever. It's Not Happy About It.

Fortnite-maker Epic Games, which directly challenged Apple's App Store rules and got kicked off the platform as a result, says the new regulations mean it will bring Fortnite back to Apple's phones in Europe in 2024.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Dishes to Dua Lipa About His Succession Plan: 'I'll Be There A While'

Cook spoke with the pop star on the latest episode of her "Dua Lipa: At Your Service" podcast.

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Meet the 16-Year-Old Stanford Intern Whose AI Project Could Save Your Life — Plus 5 Other Young Tech Visionaries Recognized By Apple

Apple announced four new "Everyone Can Code" projects that will help students learn and refine their app-development skills.


Esta actriz y cantante le habló a Tim Cook para pedirle que corrigiera el modo en el que Siri pronunciaba su nombre

Barbra Streisand es una de las pocas personas que han ganado el Emmy, el Grammy, el Oscar y el Tony; además le gusta que su apellido se pronuncie correctamente.

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Tim Cook's Daily Routine: The Schedule of the Apple CEO Who Wakes Up at 3:45 a.m. and Reads Hundreds of Customer Emails a Day

In meetings, he reportedly has no problem "sitting in silence" until he gets a suitable answer.


Tim Cook se equivoca al hablar del precio de las gafas Vision Pro y después justifica su alto costo

El CEO de Apple aseguró que cuesta bastante desarrollar un dispositivo de ese tipo, por lo que es necesario que cuesten $3,500 dólares.

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Apple Just Unveiled Its VR Headset. What You Need to Know.

The Vision Pro is Apple's first major product launch since AirPods.

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Mass Layoffs Are Last Resort, Says Tim Cook

Cook's statement comes amid ongoing cost-cutting measures and a slowdown in hiring at the tech giant

Growth Strategies

The 'Apple' Of Delhi's Eye: Tim Cook Launches First Retail Store

As fans throng Saket's Citywalk Mall in Delhi to get a glimpse of Tim Cook, the CEO happily poses and signs autographs amid the second grand retail store opening


"Soy muy optimista en torno a la IA": Tim Cook, CEO de Apple, dice que la compañía usa la inteligencia artificial en todos sus productos

El CEO de Apple habló sobre la expansión de la compañía hacia nuevos países y de los planos etéreos de la existencia durante la apertura de la primera tienda Apple en la India.


Tim Cook habló sobre su relación con Elon Musk: "Es importante interactuar cuando hay desacuerdo"

El CEO de Apple platicó con GQ sobre su controvertida relación con el multimillonario.

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Tim Cook On His Relationship With Elon Musk: 'Important to Engage When There's Disagreement'

The Apple CEO spoke with GQ about his contentious relationship with the billionaire.

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Billionaire Apple CEO Tim Cook Just Took a 40% Pay Cut Amid Shareholder Backlash — Here's What His Compensation Will Look Like This Year

In 2022, Cook made just shy of $83 million in stock awards, $12 million in incentives and a $3 million salary, in addition to other extensive benefits.