Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook Gets Apple Stock Worth $750 Million

Since Cook became CEO, Apple stock has gone up over 1,200%.

Tim Cook Probably Won't Be Apple CEO By 2031. (Also, He's Never Met Elon Musk.)

In a podcast interview with the 'New York Times,' Steve Jobs' successor says 10 more years at the helm may be a hard ask.

Kenny Herzog

Apple Makes $100 Billion in a Single Quarter

Sales for every Apple product increased by double-digit percentage points.

Apple Becomes the First Company to Reach $2 Trillion, Doubling Its Value in Just 2 Years

It took the tech giant 42 years to reach a $1 trillion valuation, and just two to double that number.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Hits Billionaire Status

Unlike several other big tech CEOs, Cook is not a founder-CEO, so his net worth is considerably lower than some of his peers.

Shona Ghosh

Tim Cook Says Apple 'Must Do More' to Combat Racism

The CEO's BLM statement dominates the Apple.com homepage.

Rachel England

Apple Is Producing 1 Million Face Shields a Week for Health Workers

Apple got product designers, engineers, operations, packaging and supply partners working together to develop a fully adjustable flat-pack face shield that can be assembled in a couple of minutes.

Tim Cook Subtly Dinged Mark Zuckerburg by Saying Augmented Reality Doesn't Isolate People Like Other Technologies

The Apple CEO seemed to criticize virtual reality technology, which Facebook has invested heavily in

Apple's Legendary Chief Design Officer Jony Ive No Longer Appears On The Company's Leadership Page

Ive announced his planned departure back in June, and now it appears to have taken place.

Justin Herrick

Tim Cook: WSJ Report on Jony Ive Is 'Absurd'

The CEO claimed the article shows a 'lack of understanding' about Apple.

Richard Lawler

Jony Ive Reportedly Felt That Tim Cook Wasn't Interested in Design

Ive was often absent from key product meetings, according to the WSJ.

Steve Dent

iPhone Designer Jony Ive to Leave Apple to Start His Own Firm

'While I will not be an [Apple] employee, I will still be very involved.'

Michael Kan