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Scapia Raises $9 Million In Seed Funding

The fund raised will be utilised to scale operations and invest in technological capabilities

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These Are The Busiest Airports In The World — And Half Are In the U.S.

According to global air traffic figures, the U.S. dominates the rankings for busiest airports across the world, with Atlanta coming in at No. 1.

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Indians Spend Over $1 Billion Every Month On Foreign Travel: RBI Data

According to the report, during the April-December period of 2022-23, the outward remittances under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS) for resident individuals towards 'travel' was $9.95 billion

Science & Technology

6 Technology Trends Redefining the Hospitality Industry

Combining the best of high touch and high tech, these trends are reshaping what it takes to stay in business.

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The Hospitality Sector Can Overcome This Crisis

Dissatisfaction can be heard from people in the hospitality sector around the world, and they're asking governments for one thing: to let them work

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The Vietnam Aviation Industry battle with the Covid-19 pandemic

The latest figure suggests the pandemic hit the sector hard and the Vietnamese government needs to step in to help the aviation sector

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Need Travel Plans Or a Guided Trip? This All-in-One App Can help

Doifoo helps people micromanage their daily plans for their trips, ensuring a no-hiccup experience.


Foreigner to India Dealing with a Medical Emergency? This Start-up Can Help

India Assist helps foreigners in India needing medical help

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9 Airbnb Rental Tax Deductions You Can Take for Your Vacation Properties

Maximize your short-term rental tax savings with the new federal deductions and the 14-day rule.


Technology- A game Changer in Travel Industry

From the desktop version of a website to a mobile website and then to mobile apps, the shift can also be considered to be a great development in the digital world


Digital Platforms Boosting the Tourism Sector

"Swift, agile, and accurate," is the simplest three-word definition of digitalization which is redefining the businesses, and lifestyle of people around the globe


Moving Beyond the Itinerary-Why Travel Today is More About the Unknown Than the Famous

The key insight into understanding why the travel industry is shifting from package tours to independent journeys


Funding to Travel Startups in India is Picking Up, Latest One Spells Online Demand

Vacation travel startup wins $3 million funding highlights the similarities between domestic and international travels

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Growing Travel and Tourism Industry is Creating Millions of Jobs across Asia Pacific

Every one out of 10 jobs in the world is backed up by this sector

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Exploring Three Major Trends Driving The Hospitality Industry

The future of the hospitality industry is firmly linked with technology and its application on one side and active engagement with personalization on the other