Need Travel Plans Or a Guided Trip? This All-in-One App Can help

Doifoo helps people micromanage their daily plans for their trips, ensuring a no-hiccup experience.

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Doifoo Founder Richard Louis

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Even as the travel industry braces the seemingly unsolvable jigsaw that is the coronavirus disease outbreak, there are start-ups that are gearing up for a world after the crisis.

Doifoo is one such upcoming company which offers an all-in-one travel app for managing travel plans, exploring places and joining layouts on a guided trip. It helps people micromanage their daily plans for their trips, ensuring a no-hiccup experience.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Richards Louis, the company plans to expand beyond trip itineraries into various travel modules.

"During my trip to Zurich last year, I felt the need for an app which could hold every possible feature a traveler requires such as trip plans, syncing data with fellow travelers, check-ins, location sharing and I found a gap in the market," says Louis.

Early Days

Louis' tryst with entrepreneurship first started at the age of 22. With family savings, in 2013, he co-founded a media-and-consumer research studio with his friends. He has since founded other start-ups as well including Denebsky, which is into the fast growing Internet of Things space.

With a pre-seed round worth $200,000 from family and friends, Louis was able to build the product and release it for both iOS and Android users in February.

Currently in early release, with multiple features planned to be rolled out in phases, places by Doifoo is a feature available for free inside the app now, which can be used as a pocket material for travelling to more than 120 places across the world.

Separately, the company also boasts of being among the very few which is ready to venture into the four-day work week. Microsoft has already tried this in Japan and productivity was said to have increased by 40 per cent. With a proper roaster system, Richards has tried to bring a start-up version of the same.

Going Forward

According to Louis, the company would be launching a plethora of features including trip planning for individuals, tour group guides being able to share a code for people to join and get regular updates through their trips, and eventually introduce the marketplace.

Through the marketplace, which is scheduled for launch in July next year, Doifoo will have In-app integration with multi-geographic app brands.

On the Coronavirus outbreak affecting the travel industry, Louis says while it would be a tough road back, with tourists hesitating on their travel plans, Doifoo is getting ready to shape it up in the years to come.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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