We have another unicorn! The Mexican fintech Clip reaches a valuation of 2 billion dollars

Clip becomes the third Mexican startup to reach the "unicorn" milestone in less than a year behind Kavak and Bitso.

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· 2 min read

GBM becomes the new Mexican unicorn with investment of 150 million dollars from SoftBank

The brokerage house reported an agreement it had with SoftBank Latin American Fund.

Alto Nivel

· 4 min read

Why become an exceptional, high-impact entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs play a fundamental role in economies by creating new jobs, generating economic growth and spreading the development of new innovations. When local entrepreneurial communities are productive, the cities and regions in which they are established are more likely to prosper.

Marisol García Fuentes

· 4 min read

The Latin American startups that attract the most financing

Let's take a look at the Latino startups that are already a unicorn or on their way to becoming one thanks to the levels of investment they attract.

Sofía Ugalde

· 1 min read

Should you bet on a $ 1 billion company?

There are more than 200 companies with valuations that place them in the category of 'unicorns'. Should your strategy focus on that goal?

Francisco Muciño

· 9 min read

Mexican startup Bitso becomes a unicorn

With a valuation of 2,200 million dollars, Bitso becomes the third most valuable fintech in Latin America.

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· 3 min read

Kavak becomes the first Mexican startup to become a 'unicorn'

Four years after its founding, the pre-owned vehicle buying and selling platform surpassed the value of one billion dollars thanks to its most recent round of capital investment in September 2020.

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· 3 min read

What I Learned From Building a Unicorn: Be Challenged, Not Stressed.

As with so many other things in life, perception can make all the difference.

Stu Sjouwerman

· 4 min read

Forget Being a 'Unicorn': Here Are 5 Ways to Become a 'Monster Truck'

Fast money doesn't always mean long-term money. So sidestep those temptations.

Dean Stoecker

· 8 min read

Could These Companies Be the Next $1 Billion Unicorns?

A new study looks ahead at which businesses could be the latest members of the nine-figure club.

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· 2 min read

Forget Unicorns. We Need More 'Zebra' Startups.

Is there another way to grow companies, without the continuous desperation to raise enormous amounts of equity?

Yifat Oron

· 5 min read

Looking for a Tech Job? Then Learn How to Recognize Early Stage Unicorns

Every startup is looking for talent but the smart talent isn't going to work for a startup with no future.

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· 5 min read