United Airlines

First Major Airline Strikes a Deal With Pilots Union

United Airlines has come to an agreement with its pilots' labor union on new contract terms, setting an example for the rest of the industry.

The Travel Sector Is Getting Upgraded

As bad as the outlook for inflation and the economy is, the times are good for the travel industry. The travel industry has been shackled for the last 2+ years...

Thomas Hughes

Major U.S. Airline Will Let Unvaccinated Employees Come Back to Work This Month

The policy change is particularly noteworthy given the airline's previously strict stance.

Amanda Breen

United and Spirit Airlines Increase Pay for Pilots and Flight Attendants to Offset Labor Shortages

The airlines announced the temporary pay bumps for select staff members on Friday.

Amanda Breen

United Airlines to Halt Flights to 11 U.S. Cities

Business Insider first reported on the changes to United's regional routes.

Report: United Airlines is Losing Millions By Keeping Unvaccinated Employees on Paid Leave

The airline loses about $700,000 a week by keeping its unvaccinated pilots on paid leave, according to court documents.

Delta Pushes Airlines to Create a National 'No Fly' List of Unruly Passengers, After Banning 1,600 People From its Flights

"A list of banned customers doesn't work as well if that customer can fly with another airline," it said.

United Airlines' CEO Says Only a 'Handful' of Staff Have Resigned Over its Vaccine Mandate

About 90% of United's US employees have shown proof of their vaccination, CEO Scott Kirby said.

United Airlines Customers Experience Outages

A representative for the airline company acknowledged the "technical system issues" and that they'd impacted operations.

Major U.S. Airline to Put Unvaccinated Employees on Unpaid Leave Starting Next Month

Employees can request a religious exemption from the vaccine, but if denied, they will have five weeks to receive their first dose or be terminated.

Emily Rella

United Airlines Reportedly Reminds Flight Crews Not to Duct-Tape Passengers

Earlier this month, Frontier Airlines flight attendants duct-taped a passenger to his seat, producing a viral video and full news cycle in the process