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United Airlines Flight Attendants Claim They Were Taken Off an MLB Team Charter For Not Being 'White, Young, and Thin' in a New Lawsuit

Flight attendants Dawn Todd and Darby Quezada filed a lawsuit against United Airlines, claiming they were denied roles on a Dodgers charter flight due to their appearances not meeting specific racial and physical preferences.

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Is domestic travel back on track? Check out these companies

Growing GDP figures create a trickle-down effect on these domestic leisure names. Markets and analysts are all over this domino effect.

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Partial to the Window Seat? One Major U.S. Airline Has Good News for You.

Window seat flyers are getting an upgrade as United Airlines revamps its boarding process.

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United Airlines to Pay $30 Million Settlement to Quadriplegic Man Left in Vegetative State After Flight

The incident is said to have cut the victim's life expectancy by eight years.

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American Airlines Agrees to Substantial Pilot Pay Raises — Here's What It Could Mean For Travelers

The deal guarantees an immediate 21% pay increase for around 15,000 pilots and outlines further raises over the next four years.

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Airlines Are Finally Fixing the Shrunken Seats That Make Flying So Miserable — Here's What to Expect

Delta, United Airlines and more have announced some big — and expensive — changes.

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A United Airlines Passenger Was Overjoyed to be Upgraded to First Class — Then He Was Threatened to Be Put on a No-Fly List.

A traveler's journey went from serendipitous to unsettling when he requested a manicotti for the second leg of his trip, which was in economy seating.

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United Airlines CEO Apologizes for Private Jet Use Amid Weather Disruptions and Flight Delays

United's recovery from the weather challenges has been slower than other airlines, with significant operational difficulties at their Newark, Denver, and Chicago hubs.

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Viral Video Shows Passenger Punching Flight Attendant, Opening Emergency Exit Door

The flight was set to take off for Houston, Texas, late Sunday evening.

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United Airlines Suspends Service at JFK Airport

The airline is seeking more flight slots at the New York-based hub in order to keep up with the competition.

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Eve Air Mobility Ties Up With Fly Blade India To Bring Air Taxis

The aerospace major will deploy 200 air taxis that have a list price of $3 million apiece and each one of them will fly for 1000 hours every year

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Triple Pay and Better Benefits: How Airlines Are Curbing Summer Travel Turmoil

With pilots in high demand, major airlines are bumping up salaries and working on new contracts.

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First Major Airline Strikes a Deal With Pilots Union

United Airlines has come to an agreement with its pilots' labor union on new contract terms, setting an example for the rest of the industry.