Not 'Smart' But 'All-ears': Shift In India's Wearable Device Market

The decline in smart watch shipments contrary to the rise in ear-wear, especially within the Truly Wireless Stereo (TWS) segment, signals a transformation in consumer preferences and market opportunities, says IDC


La startup que pretende enfrentarse a Meta y Apple con sus novedosas gafas que incorporan inteligencia artificial

Brilliant Labs, una startup conocida por sus innovadores wearables, lanzó el año pasado la pantalla AR Monocle y ahora presenta unas gafas con tecnología de IA.


Out Of Sight: Huawei Eyewear 2

The Browline Eyewear design features a 4.7g ultra-light frame (excluding lenses) made from β titanium, in a sleek Titanium Silver hue.


Project Primrose: el vestido de Adobe que cambia de diseño y de color con los movimientos del usuario

El proyecto abre múltiples posibilidades de uso y aplicaciones y significa una revolución en el mundo de los "wearables".

Health & Wellness

The Healthiest Wearable for Destressing

The Apollo wearable's touch therapy can be a game-changer for exhausted professionals.

Health & Wellness

Meet the World's Smartest Emergency Wearable

Care for your loved ones with this medical alert device.


Are We Ready To Transform Lives With AI?

AI has paved the way for dynamic changes at the workplace and in personal life, by automating a host of processes and activities

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GrowFitter Raises $120,000 From DevX Venture Fund

Funds will be utilised to grow the company's technology stack, offering immersive experience to users and members


Why Your App Should Target Smartwatch Wearables

Smartwatch popularity is growing fast. Don't risk losing out on this aggressively growing market.

Health & Wellness

3 Big Well-Being Trends in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the world looks toward a post-pandemic future, these tech-fueled well-being trends will continue to play a major role in how we navigate the new normal.


The Best Brain-Training Wearables of 2020

Omnipemf, Braintap, Muse and Sensate lead the pack in helping focus an uneasy mind.


Here's How Big Data Analytics is Changing the Face of Precision Medicine

"Big health data" generated from patient health records, diagnosis, genomic sequencing, medical research, smart devices, wearables holds the potential to transform healthcare & deliver personalized medicine

Business News

Report: Amazon Working on Human Emotion-Detecting Wearable

Internal documents reveal Amazon sees this as a health and wellness product that's voice-activated and controlled via a smartphone app.


Fit And Function: Fitbit Versa Lite Edition

Versa Lite Edition is Fitbit's most affordable smartwatch yet, that delivers insights about your health and fitness to help you live your best life.

News and Trends

Toyota's Humanoid Robot Goes Wireless Thanks to 5G Technology

The Japanese automotive giant is using 5G technology to control the robot without wires