El potencial de la Web 3.0 en Latinoamérica: La clave para desbloquear el potencial de la región

Gracias a los avances de la Web 3.0, como la blockchain y la tecnología financiera, la región podría desbloquear su verdadero potencial con innovaciones para las diferentes necesidades.

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Y-Combinator-backed Mudrex Registers with MoF's Financial Intelligence Unit

The Web3 start-up also now holds the status of Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) accredited by the Bank of Lithuania in the EU. Earlier this month, it also received OAM (Organismo Agenti e Mediatori) certification in Italy.

Growth Strategies

The Convergence of Indian Gaming and Web3 Technology

While gamers are all about the game and what it offers, Web3 has the potential to decentralize the space and give everyone an equal opportunity to try their hand out.

Growth Strategies

Web3 Investors' Insights: What Risks Founders Need to be Aware of When Raising Funds

The investors of the country and the world have been keeping a low profile when it comes to making new investments after bearing the brunt of free-flowing investments up till mid-2022. However, the lack of funding is not deterring the hopes and ambitions of Web3 entrepreneurs.

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Consensys Launches MetaMask Snaps

Snaps are new features and functionality that MetaMask users can install directly into their wallets. Previously, features of MetaMask were exclusively developed by MetaMask developers of Consensys. Consensys' initial rollout will have 34+ Snaps with utilities such as transaction insights, interoperability with non-EVM blockchains like Bitcoin, and notifications.

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How this Blockchain Start-up is Focusing on Developing Web3 Talent in India

AlgoBharat, the Indian arm of Algorand, is aiming to broaden and invest in the Web3 ecosystem in India by broadening the developer base, investing in start-ups, and striking blockchain-acceleration partnerships.

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Shaping The Future Of Web3: An Introduction To Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

Although categorizing DAOs can be challenging, and some may overlap, the general consensus highlights the following key types.


With Web3, We Can Build The World We Want To Live In

"The builder spark is alive in each and every one of us. It is existential: I build, therefore I am."

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5 Indian Entrepreneurs Who Are Leading the Web3 Revolution in India

This World Entrepreneurs Day, we explore the journeys of five remarkable individuals who have not only embraced the potential of Web3 but have also pioneered its application in various sectors


How Web 3.0 Will Open Up New Frontiers in Public Relations

Web 3.0 technologies have the potential to revolutionize channels of communication and audience engagement for public relations professionals.

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CoinSwitch Ventures and GravityX Capital Partner to Launch LevitateX

The initiative will provide support and guidance in the segments such as launch readiness, accelerated traction, and operational excellence to the start-ups.

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Microsoft Partners With Aptos Labs For Web3 and AI

The two organizations have also agreed to explore other technological solutions, such as asset tokenization, payments and Central Bank Digital Currencies, which will help accelerate Web3 adoption


Web3 Wallets: Secure Your Crypto Assets the Right Way

The key feature of the Web3 wallet is its strong encryption that keeps hackers and malicious activities at bay

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T-Hub and Broadridge Partner for Web3 Technological Advancements and to Drive Innovation

The two companies hope that the agreement will act as a guiding principle for future collaborations and help maximize the positive impact in the Web 3 ecosystem.

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Unveiling The Next Frontier Of The Internet: An Introduction To The World Of Web3

Picture Web3 as the great, new frontier in the internet landscape, where pioneers tap into their quest for freedom and autonomy, empowered by cutting-edge technology, and some serious coding chops. Welcome to the next digital revolution!