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These Women-Founded Franchises Surpassed a Major Milestone — Against the Odds. Here's How They Did It.

Discover the stories of female trailblazers who not only founded but propelled successful businesses beyond 100 franchises — a few of them several times over — reshaping industries and leaving an indelible mark.

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Meet The Women At GE Aerospace's Middle East Technology Center Who Are Helping Airlines To Soar

These three employees, all of whom are working mothers, demonstrate that work-life balance in the aerospace industry is possible.


Women Rising: Why We Need More Women At The Top

"The best thing women can do is not to give up or get discouraged. Little by little, things are changing, and we are all a part of that change."

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What You Need To Know About The Glass Cliff, The Workplace Phenomenon That Prevents Us from Seeing More Successful Female Business Leaders

Learn more about the phenomenon in the workplace that implies biases in appointing female leaders during crises- setting them up for potential failure from the outset

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Amazon MENA's Director of Seller Success, Jasmin Frick, On How The Company Is Enabling A New Generation of Women in Business

The online retail space in the MENA region presents a significant opportunity for women entrepreneurs to reach customers across wider geographies and demographics.


3 Ways Women Empower Other Women (and 3 Ways They Don't)

It takes minimal effort to empower others and takes away from efforts when you block the path. When everyone plays a part in uplifting others, it shifts perspectives and pushes everyone forward together.

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Free Webinar | March 27: SheHacks Success: Unveiling Growth Practices for Female Entrepreneurs

Join our webinar on March 27th as our experts unveil empowering secrets that will allow you to lead with confidence in the competitive entrepreneurial world. Register now!


Women's History Month: 5 Powerful Women Who Paved the Way for Others

A rising number of prolific women continue to pave the way for others as these five women did in the legal field.

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Free Livestream | February 20 - Black Founder Spotlight: Chrishon Lampley of Love Cork Screw Wines

Join us live on February 20th at 2:00 PM ET and learn how to stand out in a crowded marketplace with Chrishon Lampley, founder of Love Cork Screw.

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Muna Al Gurg Launches Meem Foundation To Create Sustainable Change In The Lives Of Women And Girls In The MENA

"Our approach is to find innovative entrepreneurial solutions to gender inequality, and be transparent about what works and what doesn't."

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Free Webinar | February 22: How to Make the Leap From the Corporate World to Entrepreneurship

Join our transformative webinar as special guest, Launi King, shares her journey from corporate success to entrepreneurship. Discover how you can walk the same path. Secure your spot now!


2023, The Year That Was: Junah Balungcas, Founder, Baofriend

Baofriend is an Asian fusion F&B concept that launched in the UAE in 2022, and this year has seen it grow from its original location in Dubai to now operate a space in Abu Dhabi as well.

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Entrepreneur Middle East's Achieving Women 2023: Kate Wooyeon Park, Founder, Lamise Beauty

Park realized that there was an opportunity to bring Korean skincare to the UAE in a way that blends perfectly with Emirati culture, and it's a notion that she has stuck to as she set up and built Lamise Beauty.

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How We Can Unlock Success for Women-Owned Businesses

These common traits of thriving states and cities can be valuable insights into strategies that can be adapted to level the playing field for women entrepreneurs.

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Entrepreneur Middle East's Achieving Women 2023: Emkan Education Co-Founders Dr. Mounira Jamjoom, Basma Bushnak, And Sara Zaini

"Today, there is something called 'Emkaner,' like a stamp for our clients, which shows their high quality, commitment, and making it happen in the education sector."