Workplace Wellness - Page: 6

27 Insights for Creating and Sustaining Workplace Happiness

Hone in on happiness so that you can cultivate it within your team and your day-to-day activities.

Paul Jun

How a Two-Minute Stroll Around the Office Can Save Your Life

Sitting for too long negatively impacts your health and productivity. How two minutes per hour can turn this around.

Lisa Evans

Are Wellness Programs Right for Your Company?

A look at the risks and ROI for employers.

Gwen Moran

Stuck at Your Desk? Give These Stretches a Try. (Infographic)

Improve your health and well-being at the office by not staying seated all day long.

Nina Zipkin

Employee Wellness Programs Are Due for an Overhaul

The secret to increased participation is to move it out of the office.

11 Low-Cost Ways to Keep Your Team Healthy

Check out these affordable wellness measures that will help you keep your business running at top speed.

Want More Sleep (And Better Productivity)? Work From Home.

A study suggests people with more flexible work schedules can sleep better and be more productive and healthier.

Lisa Evans

3 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Needs to Take Vacation Time

Not only will a respite allow the leader to renew mind and body, members of the team back in the office can take some initiative.

Being Active Begins in the Office

More and more, workplaces are encouraging physical activity. Here's how to help promote wellness in the office.

Lisa Evans

Don't Let Too Much Sitting at Your Desk Harm Your Health

Here are five simple ways to keep moving and stay healthy.

Jay Cardiello

Weave Health and Wellness Into Your Company's Culture

Learn about one executive's initiatives, including measures to discourage smoking and encourage healthier eating.

Brian Fielkow

Improve Your Office's Productivity by Boosting Employees' Sleep Quality

New research, technological aids and workplace programs are all designed to suss out better shut-eye for America's workers.