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10 Tips for Building a Happy Workforce It is vital to motivate your workforce and here are few techniques to build a happy workforce:

By Sunil Wariar

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The key to a successful business not only means focusing on the customers' needs but making sure that your employees are well engaged too. People are the most critical asset of an organization. It doesn't matter if you have the best scheme or product in the world and secured funding – without the right people who are satisfied, happy and aligned, your organization will never achieve long term success.

A survey conducted by Monster in November 2019 reveals that job stressors and negative mental health at work have serious consequences. The feeling of depression, anxiety, and physical illness due to the job has resulted in a decrease in the quality of their work by 17%.

It is vital to motivate your workforce and here are few techniques to build a happy workforce:

To devise a welcoming environment

Many people spend more than half of the day on the desk in front of the computer screen while working. Such an act of long shifts, no breaks, and no human contact can demotivate and make the employee lethargic. If you want to keep everyone energized and engaged, there should be an environment where the employees would want to come together and be a part of the company's growth. This can be achieved by creating areas where employees can unwind, informally interact with others, discuss ideas, and thereby enhance their productivity. For example: having a lounge area; game room or even nap headroom.

Team building activities which are unrelated to work

If you are working in a large company, then you must have realized that it is not easy to mix up with people from other departments. There can be activities planned that get everyone under one umbrella, which can help in building and bridging relationships. These activities can be simple social gatherings or a games evening. It can lead to building trust amongst each other.

Serve flexibility for work-life balance

A fast-paced working life has become quite common nowadays, this blurs out the line between work and home. Employers start expecting more from the employees, thus creating a pressure which in return, stress the employees. Flexible hours should be allowed for everyone to find the right balance between work and home.

Employees shouldn't consider work as a goading. It is essential to take time out and speak to the people to discover what would help them and through which there can be necessary adjustments made.

Communication is the key!

Everyone carries their burden of personal life. If the organization does not pay attention to their problems and concerns, then it can result in loss of productivity. Not responding to their messages ( and some of them can be non-verbal and unwritten…….) will make the staff feel alienated and undervalued. For effective communication with the team, there should be a system created where everyone can connect with you.

Giving constructive criticism can help employees to move in the right direction. It is also important to point out the good things they do. Acknowledge them individually and be vocal that you are aware of where they started and where they can go next.

Provide growth opportunity

A happy workplace can never be achieved if your people feel like they are stagnating. What sense will the work make if there is no advancement? Career development is a vital part of one's life. If they feel that they are stuck and there is no growth, they will start hunting for a new job. By communicating daily and setting targets, there can be a 'road map' build to succeed together.

To trust your employees and designate work without micromanaging it

Trusting your employees will not only boost their confidence but also build your relationship with them. Delegate more projects to them and ask for their inputs on issues and ideas that can work. Inform the team about future goals and upcoming projects and state expectations of you wanting them to be on their own. Create a friendly competition amongst the employees. This will get the office to be productive while offering a chance for you to analyze how others work.

Encourage breaks

It's essential to work hard but also take time to rest. A break from work allows us to mentally and physically recover from the everyday work routine. Taking time off is vital as it will help increase focus and be productive when one returns. By allowing employees to take such a breather, they will be more productive and come back to work with a focused mindset. Encourage everyone to use all their annual leave.

Switch up the routine

A change hurts no one. As companies have a set schedule as to how to work and fixed working pattern, it can make your employees feel constricted and be less productive. New ways of performing the same tasks should be encouraged. This can make them more alert and active. Common tasks can be done using different approaches.

To celebrate both personal and professional milestone

When team members understand that their work is having a direct impact on the success of a company, it motivates them to contribute their best work. Appreciation for their contribution always acts as a glue in a good workplace. It is also important to celebrate significant achievements accomplished by the employees on the personal front.

Be Consistent

If you want smooth functioning of an organization than you must ensure consistency in your efforts. It is crucial to connect with the employees and act as a friend, philosopher, and guide when it is called for. But it is also essential to correct undesirable and unproductive behavior by sending a firm message in time. The employees must see consistency and fairness in a boss.

Making your organization a happy place to go for work is necessary for a successful, long-lasting business.

Sunil Wariar

Chief Human Resource Officer, Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited

As Chief Human Resources Officer, Sunil is responsible for the strategic alignment of HR with Business objectives; drive employee productivity and engagement through a structured talent management and people development program.  

He joined Future Generali on Sep 2009 as Head HR for Life and Non-Life companies. In September 2015, he was promoted as CHRO for FG Non-Life. 

Sunil has a career spanning over 32 years across varied sectors including Insurance, Financial, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing. He has worked with Cipla Ltd, Lakme Ltd, Bluestar Ltd, CEAT Ltd, Herbertson Ltd, United Spirits Ltd, and Reliance.

Sunil holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science from Mumbai University. He has also done Masters in Management Studies from Mumbai University. 

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