How to Deal With a Workplace Bully (Infographic) What to do if you manage a bully, witness bullying or are bullied yourself.

By Jessica Thomas

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Although we read about kids bullying each other — in schools and online — all the time, it's less common to read about workplace bullying among adults. That doesn't mean it's not happening: An estimated 60 million Americans are affected by bullying in the workplace, and 29 percent of victims never report what's happening, according to a report on bullying from job site

The shame that bullying victims feel as children is something adults deal with too, perhaps to an even greater degree. Someone who's being picked on in the workplace likely feels like they did something wrong — that they're not productive enough or make too many mistakes, for example.

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Workplace bullying can take forms that you might not expect, too. Here are a few examples:

  • Verbal abuse

  • Physical bullying

  • Intimidation

  • Manipulative behaviors like taking credit for someone else's ideas

  • Institutional bullying, like assigning unrealistic goals that set someone up to fail

  • Retaliation, like denying someone a deserved promotion

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With workplace bullying, there's often a power dynamic between the bully and the victim. It could be a boss picking on an employee, or even a tenured employee picking on a new hire to their team. In some cases, it's even subordinates making life difficult for a new boss. For more information on what workplace bullying looks like and how you should handle it if you are a victim, a witness or even a bully yourself, read the infographic below.

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