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Overwhelmed By Too Many Work Notifications? Here's How to Streamline Your Communication Channels

Every method of communication has its perks — whether it's the formality and professionalism of email, the networking power of LinkedIn or the real-time communication of Telegram and WhatsApp.

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These 4 Common Myths About Women in the Workplace Are Outdated, According to a New Report

The "glass ceiling" may not be the primary hurdle for women in the workplace. Instead, it's the "broken rung" that occurs early in women's careers, according to a new report.


Should You Accept a Promotion Without a Raise? Here's What Experts Say.

You can learn to navigate this tricky situation and see what your next steps should be.

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Is Your Relationship With Your Work at a Breaking Point? You're Not Alone, Survey Finds

In a new survey by HP, 83% of unhappy workers said they are willing to earn less to be happier at their job.

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The Rise and Impact of Independent Contractors in 2023

Independent contractors are here to stay, and they will play an increasingly important role in shaping the future of work.


10 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces were once a rare novelty – but now that remote and hybrid working has become more popular, the number of available coworking spaces has exploded.

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Women Are Always the Wrong Age

Women in every age bracket reported facing workplace age discrimination in a new survey.

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Nearly 60% of the Global Workforce Is 'Quiet Quitting,' and Disengagement Levels Are Higher for Fully Remote Workers, According to a New Report

A new Gallup poll revealed that a significant portion of employees (59%) experienced "quiet quitting" in 2022, indicating a sense of detachment from their roles. Over half of the global workforce (51%) actively sought new job opportunities.


Cozy Sweaters and Coffee Dates Can Boost Your Productivity — Here's How

Channel the Danish comfort culture of hygge to take your business to the next level.


3 Tactics for Improving a Difficult Workplace Relationship

Did you get off on the wrong foot with a coworker? Here's how to start over and improve those difficult work relationships.

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These Are The Biggest Workplace Red Flags, According to a New Report

"Micromanagement" came in as the No. 1 biggest red flag in the workplace, with 46% of respondents saying it's a reason they would leave a job.


How Your Company Culture Can Be a Force Multiplier (For the Good and the Bad)

A company culture's impact on business success is monumental, whether it is good or bad.


Psychological Safety Is Crucial to Your Team's Success — Here are 4 Ways to Create It

Psychological safety greases the wheels for a high-performing team. Here's how to encourage it within your rank and file.

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Get Ready for Corporate Charm School: Etiquette Classes Are Coming to the Workplace and They're Looking at You, Gen Z

More than half of the companies surveyed said there are plans to offer etiquette classes by 2024.


How Leaders Can Cultivate an Automation-First Mindset While Building a Culture That Rejects Repetitive Busy Work

Everyone says automation is essential, but most leaders aren't walking the talk: Here's how to foster an automation-first mindset in your company.