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As long as people are starting and expanding businesses, there will be a considerable need for business-to-business services. Franchises that help businesses with everything from paralegal and office space support to consulting and advertising are growing. "[B2b companies] are filling niches left [untouched] by other retailers or service providers," says Wilkerson. "Basically, if someone doesn't take care of his or her business and stay current, someone else will. And more than likely, it's going to be a franchisor and [its] franchisees, because they're able to move very quickly, whereas some of the larger, older, companies can take forever to make changes-especially when compared to much younger, smaller companies."

One good example of this phenomenon is Shred-It Inc., a mobile franchise that specializes in paper shredding and recycling and peddles its business services to companies that need help with document security or reducing clutter.

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