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What's better than watching a football game on the big screen with a group of friends, everyone sharing a platter of chicken wings? Owning the franchise that sells those wings. Wings are eaten everywhere from sporting events to graduation parties to bar mitzvahs, and they're becoming a staple in the franchise biz, spawning a number of new franchises in the past few years.

Many franchises-Wing Zone and Wingstop restaurants, for example-are taking wings off the appetizer menu and turning them into a center-of-the-plate entr�e. And the sauces are versatile; some franchises offer 25 flavors to choose from, sure to please everyone in the family.

Wing Zone has even found a solid market in college towns, where it offers takeout and delivery services until the wee hours of the morning. Or, if people want to "sit fer a spell" they can visit Buffalo Wild Wings, which has created a casual dining atmosphere, complete with a sports bar area for the party crew. Considering the fact that poultry entrees are gaining in popularity, according to the National Restaurant Association, wings are set to take flight in the franchise world.

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