Creating a Website for Your Service Business

Final Thoughts

I get a lot of e-mail from people who think that selling a service over the web must require an entirely different approach than selling a product. They think they'll need to use an entirely different set of tools and techniques, that their site design will be dramatically different and that to drive visitors to their sites, they'll need to use some strange, newfangled strategies. This simply isn't the case.

The only real difference between selling a service vs. a product over the web is your focus: When you sell a physical product, every aspect of your site design and sales copy focuses on how the product is going to solve visitors' needs and benefit them. When you sell a service over the web, the focus is on how you're going to solve visitors' needs and benefit them.

Once you've wrapped your head around this concept, everything else should fall into place. Sales copy strategies...traffic-generation design strategies...all the techniques and strategies I've mentioned above can be used to dramatically increase the leads you attract, the deals you close and your overall online income.

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Derek Gehl is the CEO of the Internet Marketing Center, an internet marketing firm that has helped thousands of people learn to start and run their own online businesses.IMC hosts a new Search Marketing Lab Forum, where members have their strategy questions answered by search marketing specialists.

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