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8 Startup Events and News to Know About This Week

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Master the art of cross-channel marketing at Integrated Marketing Week, take advantage of the guerrilla pitch opportunity of the year, enter the NY startup scene with drinks and demos at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, become a social media superstar, create a happy and positive business environment, rumors predict new Apple iPad5 and MacBook Air release, PandoDaily hosts Fred ‘The Don’ Wilson for a 90-minute, on stage shakedown, refine new ideas and find your MVP at Lean Startup Machine… This week’s notable news and startup events for young treps:

1. Putting the pieces together: Integrated Marketing Week aims to teach the skills needed to fill the gaps in your marketing strategy with keynotes, clinics, and networking opportunities.  The goal is to provide tools to boost profit and productivity by integrating on and offline marketing campaigns, data, and tech by mastering the art of cross-channel marketing. (New York, June 10-13)

2. A guerilla pitch opportunity: Get an inside look at the world of a VC at Venture 2013, a venture capital investing conference. With a full schedule planned, hear keynotes about the turbulent past and promising future of VC investment. There are plenty of big VC firms being represented and networking opportunities. Time to get your pitch on. (San Francisco, June 11)

3. Drinks and demos at 3rd Ward: Meet, mingle, get connected and share great ideas at Tech Meetup’s New York Silicon Alley. Come hang out at the 3rd Ward multi-discipline workspace and education center, have a drink, enjoy the demos and show the NY startup scene what you’re made of. (Brooklyn, N.Y., June 11)

4. Social media superstars: Learn from the best social media coordinators and strategists in the world. With over 29 industry leaders represented, the Social Media Strategies Summit will deliver the top-line information and hands-on learning to bring you to the cutting edge of social media today. (New York, June12-13)

5. Creating a happy habitat: Tension and discontent can kill productivity and spread through a small business like wildfire. Learn to manage stress and cultivate enthusiasm, creating a healthy and happy business environment with life coach and wellness consultant Carley Hauck. (San Francisco, June 13)

6. Apple release rumors: If you’re thinking about replacing your laptop or tablet you may want to hold off. Rumors stemming from gadget case manufacturers predict the release of both the new Macbook Air and iPad 5 this week at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. (LA Times)

7. The Godfather of Tech makes an appearance: Fred Wilson stars in this month’s PandoMonthly series. The notorious New York VC investor and tough love mentor, will be on stage answering questions from PandoDaily founder Sarah Lacy and the audience. (New York, June 13)

8. Get lean and mean: Bootcamp Lean Startup Machine is offering a three-day workshop in Los Angeles to individuals and teams looking to refine ideas for new products and disruptive services. Learn from experienced mentors and workshop participants do develop your minimum viable product, or a simplified stripped-down product.  Check out their full list of workshops this summer in a city near you. (Los Angeles, June 15)

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