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With a New Direction, Foursquare Rolls Out a New 'Superhero' Logo


When Foursquare's CEO and co-founder Dennis Crowley decided to split off the company into two different apps, we didn't realize it was just the beginning. Today, the New York City-based startup has announced additional changes that users can expect over the rest of the summer.

Beginning this week, Foursquare users will only be able to check-in with recently spun-off app Swarm. All previous check-ins and photos that were made on the original Foursquare app will be imported to the new app. The original Foursquare app will also be getting a redesign with an emphasis on "personalized local search," and collecting user preferences and trusted "experts." On Foursquare's blog, the company showed the two apps side by side. From the looks of it, the only difference is Swarm has a check-in button.

With a New Direction, Foursquare Rolls Out a New 'Superhero' Logo

Image credit: Foursquare

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With this makeover, Crowley only thought it would be fitting to unveil a new logo. The golf ball-esque check mark and the blue, green and white lettering we have come to know has been replaced by a blocky pink and white "F" designed to look like a combination of a map pin and a "superhero emblem," as explained in a blog post. "We've always thought of Foursquare as giving you superpowers to explore your city, and our new logo reflects that vision."

With a New Direction, Foursquare Rolls Out a New 'Superhero' Logo

Foursquare is trading out its familiar check mark logo as part of a two-pronged rebranding strategy.

The company is hoping this new look will also make people more aware of all of Foursquare's offerings.

"The check-in story has dominated the brand and user experience," Crowley told publication The Verge. "We'd hear people say "I had no idea I could use this app to search for places.'" So, the new Foursquare puts personalization front and center. Every piece of the new app that's customized just for you, like your favorite foods served at nearby places, is accentuated in pink."

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Moving forward, the company will migrate all users to Swarm before permanently removing the check-in feature on Foursquare. Also, the company will make users aware that there will be two separate friends lists: one for Foursquare and the other for Swarm. Foursquare will allow users to follow other people, along with experts, while Swarm will allow users to select who they share their location with, according to The Verge.

This new direction comes after a difficult time for Foursquare. It has been reported that while the company has made waves in New York City and San Francisco, it has been having difficulty breaking into other markets. Also, the company's decision to raise $41 million in debt funding, led to some concern. Those factors coupled with the reports that the company's revenue is low (in comparison to the amount it has raised), makes Foursquare a company worth keeping an eye on.

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