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Uber Program Targeting Corporate Travelers Rolls Out Globally


Uber for Business is going global.

After introducing new features exclusively for corporate travelers in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom and France last July, the company said today that the service will be available in each of the 45 countries where Uber currently operates. This comprises 200 cities and 22 different languages.

Uber for Business lets small and mid-sized companies set up free corporate accounts, allowing employees to bill their rides to a single card and therefore streamlining reimbursements. The feature also creates dashboards for managers so they can monitor travel costs.

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Additionally, Uber for Business comprises a partnership between the ride-sharing giant and Concur, a travel expense software company that allows employees to book their own travel while simultaneously populating expense reports in real time.

The rollout of its corporate program comes as Uber’s global expansion seems to have hit an expensive wall. After being ruled illegal in Germany, a district court said the company could face a fine of $328,000 for every ride hailed.

And as the sharing economy increasingly sets its sights on business travelers, these ongoing regulatory clashes -- as well as glaring safety concerns like Airbnb’s squatter scandal -- raise questions about the widespread adoption of such services in the corporate realm.

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