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5 Traits Making You a Great Entrepreneur But Maybe Not a Good Dinner Date

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Business owners are a unique breed -- and they have to be. If entrepreneurs don't keep their foot on the accelerator, they or anyone who works for them will not be going anywhere.

The traits required for being a successful entrepreneur all boil down to basically always knowing that he (or she) knows best in all circumstances. This works great in business, but entrepreneurs can't let it take over their outside life or push away potential partners and suppliers.

Here are some examples of how these traits might play out in your life:

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1. Exuding stratospheric self-confidence.

You don't think you're more competent than your more recent boss. You know you are -- or rather you thought you were prior to becoming an entrepreneur. This grandiose view of yourself sometimes causes friction with others. But it's actually a critical part of the entrepreneurial personality and it drives you to seek success.

2. Being restless.

Working in corporate America requires accepting a certain political, social and logistical structure. Often the only way to move to the next level is to take the job of a person already at that level. That's not going to happen unless that person moves up or someone in authority decides you're good enough to make the move.

Most entrepreneurs aren't content to let a structure determine their success. Entrepreneurs want to determine the structure.

3. Acting like a control freak.

You think you do things right and you must do things yourself. You have a difficult time letting others handle big projects. You're a roll-up-your-sleeves type of person who can white knuckle it until success is achieved.

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4. Being an obsessive perfectionist.

You are all about the minutiae because you know that even the smallest details can have an impact. Maintaining close attention to the details is exhausting, but it also ensures that little, if anything, falls through the cracks.

5. Being relentless.

You spend every day trying to find ways to better and grow your business. In order for your business to fail, you will have to be scraped off your desk because you will, almost literally, die trying.

You must be single-minded when it comes to your business. It overshadows everything else. The trick lies in balancing this with your real life where such traits might not be quite so palatable. And that's also part of the journey.

To be a successful entrepreneur doesn't mean you have to be a dictator, though. Let somebody else pick the restaurant once in a while.

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