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Microsoft Finally Makes a Move in the Smartwatch Sector

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More than a month after Apple launched its smartwatch, word comes that Microsoft will unveil its own version sometime in the next few weeks.

As is its wont, Microsoft seems incredibly late to the party on this one. Smartwatch wise, we already have the Pebble, the Samsung Gear, the Moto 360, the Meta Watch, the LG G Watch and Apple just unveiled its smartwatch in spectacular fashion.

But while Apple-hype has yet to completely simmer down, Forbes is reporting that Microsoft's smartwatch will actually hit stores before the Apple Watch (scheduled to start shipping in early 2015) in a play to capitalize on holiday shoppers.

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In addition, Microsoft's smartwatch will boast a battery that lasts two days (in contrast to the Apple Watch, which needs to be recharged every night). It will also include all the expected fitness tracker features plus a monitor that continuously measures a wearer's heart rate, according to Forbes.

Despite the better battery life, this still feels like a big yawn. As we've said before, even Apple's much anticipated smartwatch probably won't be a game changer for the company, and by comparison, this pre-announcement announcement feels lackluster. In addition, the company doesn't have the best track-record for producing stylish products, and when it comes to something users need to actually wear on the wrists, style is all-important. 

Or the product could be mind-blowingly awesome: Miracles do occasionally happen. Either way, we'll know more in a few weeks.

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