The Pro Guide To Social Media

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Here's a social media quick study. Learn how to play the social media game like a real public relations professional, and protect yourself in the process. Quka

Don't Air Your Dirty Laundry

If this is not something you want associated with you for the rest of your career, do not post it on social media. Full stop.

You Are Not a Lone Ranger

At all times remember that putting yourself out there with your real identifying information means that anyone can quickly link you to both your company and to your personal associates.

On Top Of the Game

Share things in real-time only after you've read them to yourself first and confirmed that they are in good judgment. If you have even the slightest bit of doubt, do not share it.

Opinion Leader

Be the person on the timeline who is elegant and eloquent. Use the best of your personality to convey a positive, witty and effective person. No one wants to hire someone posting things like "Hate my job, get me outta here."

Take The High Road

When you are faced with a difficult social media situation, opt for the less-is-more tactic. Do explain yourself concisely with a confident voice and avoid any aggressive undertones.

Social Media Is a Double-Edged Sword

It is the best way to promote positive corporate aims, and it is also the best way to promote corporate failings.

Disclaimers Do Not Matter

If you think that your "tweets are my own" bio is going to protect your superiors from having to answer for your bad behavior online, you are sorely mistaken. When you go down, your superiors are left to clean up the mess.

The Web Is Its Own Boss

All of the media clout in the world cannot silence the internet when it gets going. The web is a platform for all and by default that means that public opinion cannot be quelled.

Virality Is Inevitable When You've Done Something Wrong

If you make a mistake, it will spread far and fast. All it takes is a few retweets or an Instagram repost or a Facebook share. It will haunt you long after you've said it.

Deleting Doesn't Help

The first thing that people do when they see a disaster-in-the-making is screenshot whatever is happening in anticipation of the expected delete. Deleting the offensive comments often fans the flames.