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Attention Millennials: How to Excel at the Dying Art of Phone Conversations (Infographic)


Want to win someone over on the phone? Smile when you dial. It’s the key to influencing people on that thing you used to talk on before you fell for text.

Of course, grinning is only part of winning. Just in case you forgot, getting what you want out of phone conversations -- especially those of the sales and business meeting variety -- requires careful timing and social dexterity. It’s like dancing with someone else, a game of give and take.   

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Doing your homework ahead of an important call doesn’t hurt either. Before you punch numbers, you’ll want to define the purpose of your call, prep your questions, and, yes, even practice how the call might go in advance.

Role playing with a coworker or friend helps. When you do, make room for talking with your hands. After all, it’s only natural. And the more you gesticulate, the more vocal range you use. Gestures lead to facial expressions and facial expressions shine through in your voice. Thus the importance of smiling. You’ll know you’re doing something right when the person you’re talking to picks up on your positivity and enthusiasm and returns in kind with their own.  

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If you’re working off of a sales script on the phone, try not to read from it directly. If you do, you could come off as cold and insincere. Instead, riff off of your script and let your words flow naturally, in a warm, friendly manor.  

Oh, and please don’t forget to bookend your conversation with a nice hello at the beginning and a cordial goodbye at the end. We know a few people who suddenly hang up when they’re through with a call, without so much as a parting word, and it’s a big turnoff.

For more helpful phone finesse tips and tricks, check out the handy infographic below, care of The Gap Partnership

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Attention Millennials: How to Excel at the Dying Art of Phone Conversations (Infographic)


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