U.S. Brigade Of 4000 Travels To Kuwait

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Over 4000 troops based in Colorado’s Fort Carson left to Kuwait in February, adding to the intense speculation about the U.S. sending ground troops to combat the Islamic State (IS). These soldiers aren’t newcomers either, as many have already been part of one or more tours in Iraq. This takes things to a whole new level, given that the American-led coalition, including the United Kingdom, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, have primarily approached the operation via airstrikes. This excludes the autonomous Southern Kurdistan region, whose military force, the Peshmerga, have been the most active on the ground against the IS. While Obama stressed that he does not want to use heavy military force, he urged U.S. Congresss to allow him to authorize more military intervention. This comes at a time when IS presence in North Africa has become visible, opening a new front for the coalition.