Seven Ways You Can Establish Loyalty (And Even Love) In Your Team

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In creating an atmosphere of teamwork, you first need to establish a sense of belonging, and then a vibe of responsibility that keeps that team alive. Working towards a common goal in harmony is essential for any company’s morale and even for asset delivery. Loyalty is another ballgame altogether, and here are seven ways to get your team to say “I do.”


1. SHOW THEM LOVE To establish commitment, your team needs to see passion for the job being done day-in and day-out. Your team is more likely to stay tightly-knit if they share that passion with you. Take it a little further and actively discuss the factors about your work that you find remarkable.

2. OPEN COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Being accessible doesn’t necessarily mean getting too friendly. Be within reach to be able to resolve conflicts quicker with no misunderstandings, and leave no loose ends. The last thing you need is a surprise resignation, only to find out it was something that could have been rectified easily.

3. TUNE IN Listen to staff interests, and try to identify with their motives. The rest of the team might actually benefit from one member’s enthusiasm and drive. Similarly, hearing out staff viewpoints keeps you in the loop, and gives them a platform to voice concerns.

4. EXULT TOGETHER Hold people accountable for wins, individually and collectively. Announce a team member’s accomplishment, and let them take the win. More importantly, recognize your biggest contributors to that accomplishment by offering them praise one-to-one.

5. BE A ROLE MODEL Set an example for the attitude you’d like your team members to have. It is also your responsibility to set the record straight when it comes to member roles and responsibilities, and confirming obligations, leaving no room for overlap.

6. SUPPORT PROGRESS Give praise, feedback and guidance continuously throughout all project stages. The key here is consistency, consistency, consistency.

7. SHOW COMPASSION Understand the circumstances surrounding the decisions and actions taken by team members, and act for the greater good of the team goals. Emotional intelligence, empathy and sympathy, are important to the health of your company.

A committed team is essential to any successful business, and so focusing on your human capital is by far the greatest investment you’d be making. Growth opportunities, a good support system, and open communication channels are easy to build into your business framework, and they go a long way for staff retention.