4 Easy Steps to Get You on TEDx Talks

4 Easy Steps to Get You on TEDx Talks
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Being a TEDx speaker helps spread your message and make a bigger impact. You become a thought leader, get more speaking gigs and leave a legacy. 

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What is TEDx? It was created in the spirit of TED's mission for "ideas worth spreading." TEDx supports independent organizers striving to create a TED-like event in their own community.

I myself was fortunate to speak at TEDx in Hong Kong earlier this year. After doing that and interviewing some of the best TEDx speakers, I created a formula for how others can spread their own ideas and get on TEDx talks. I call it my "Spread Your IDEA formula."

Here are its components. 

1. Identify your idea.

If you had one sentence to share with the world and the entire world would listen, what would you say? My TEDx talk idea was, "You can speak with confidence in three simple steps: prepare, practice, perform.” 

Till H. Gross and Ivan Joseph also gave a TEDx talk on self-confidence. Still, their ideas were fresh and interesting. Gross shared that you can become more confident by lying down on the street for 30 seconds. Joseph argued that the ability to believe in yourself is the key to success. Similar topics, different ideas.

What is your idea worth spreading?

2. Do your research.

Just as you would do before speaking to prospects and clients, you need to do research first.

Research TEDx events in your local area and choose which one to speak at. Focus on TEDx events that will be held in the next three to six months. Find out the event theme and make sure it relates to your idea worth spreading. 

TEDx speaker Colin Stokes emphasized the importance of checking the past TEDx talk video production quality. Make sure the videos are professional. After all, your video will be online forever. 

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3. Elevate your chance.

Bruce Muzik said that, “For a TEDx organizer to take a risk with you, they want to see that you’re a capable speaker.”

TEDx organizers want to minimize risks. Show them how you look on stage by sending in a speaker demo video. Keep the video from two to 18 minutes in length so that the screeners will know you can express ideas effectively.

4. Adjust your pitch.

When the time comes to pitch to TEDx event organizers, think, "How can I stand out and become a TEDx speaker?"

Share your idea worth spreading. Explain why your idea is new. Have you simplified the process into a few simple steps? Do you have a powerful personal story? 

Explain how your idea relates to the TEDx event theme. Offer two talk suggestions. Include your speaker demo video. 

When you apply the Spread Your IDEA formula, you too can get on TEDx talks. 

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