Common skills between Mahatma Gandhi and Narendra Modi that you can follow

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To become a successful entrepreneur is not an easy task. Entrepreneurs are responsible for doing number of things from working long hours to constantly coping up with new ideas at the same time. Often they are considered as a one-man army juggling between numerous tasks simultaneously. To handle this pressure one needs to have great leadership skills.


Mahatma Gandhi, popularly known as ‘Bapu’, has set the perfect example of this. The lean man was one of the driving force behind the India Independence.  Without any power or official position, he gained world prominence, freedom and left lasting legacy for all of us.

Entrepreneur India pens down 6 similarities between Gandhi and Modi to help our young entrepreneurs ride smoothly.

Marketing and PR Skills

Both Mahatama Gandhi and Modi are brilliant at these two factors. India is the brand and they are the brand ambassadors. Gandhi was a great promoter of everything Indian and so is Modi. India was and is being marketed well and if you have a product or service then you have to market it well to earn profits. Then comes the part of public relations, if you are great at public relations like these gentlemen, you stand a great chance to push forward your products or services in a great manner.

Great Leadership Skills

When we talk about great leaders, Gandhi and Modi are the first few names which strikes in our mind. Gandhi was a great political and spiritual leader. He led many nationwide campaigns to ease poverty, extend women rights, eliminate injustice of human rights and moreover, he led the campaign to set India free from British rule. Similarly, Modi is one of the most powerful leaders in today’s time as he is leading a country of 1.25 billion people. His innovative ideas and willingness to take risks prove him as a good leader.

People Skills

Gandhi invoked people participation in his every movement against the British. Modi, too believes that government alone can’t introduce schemes & rules, and says people participation is the key. Both of them stirred a strong nationwide movement.

Hungry for Growth

Gandhi always wanted India to grow. He always kept emphasising on wearing clothes made out of Khadi. He had asked people to boycott all the goods which are made outside the country. On the same lines, Modi also encourages youth, both domestic and NRIs, to start their own business and contribute in the economy of the country. 

Small Changes Result in Bigger Impact

Like Gandhi, Modi too believes that small changes can bring big differences. He believes that if one start changing at their own level than it will not take much time to change the world.

Futuristic Attitude

Both Gandhi and Modi have their global presence. Gandhi, during his talks with teachers and students in Birla House, Delhi on 10th December 1947, said “India stand before the world only through imparting education via crafts.” Gandhi used to say only attaining education will not serve the purpose in long term. Modi too believes that if India needs to grow at a rapid pace than its youth should have essential skill training along with the education.  He has also introduced completely new ministry, Ministry of Skill development and Entrepreneurship to fulfil the future goal in this regard.