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This 100-Year-Old Woman Works 11-Hour Days and Says She Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

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Everybody's workin for the weekend. Right?

Felimina Rotundo

Not quite. Felimina Rotundo may have entered her second century, but the 100-year old happily washes clothes and handles dry for 11 hours a day, six days week at the College Laundry Shoppe in Buffalo, N.Y., reports WGRZ-TV.

Born in 1915, she has been working for 85 years, and has spent the last 40 working in the laundry business. Her reason is simple: She likes the job. "I talk to people all day…it's being out, getting up in the morning…it does something for you," she told the affiliate.

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She thinks more senior citizens should adopt her . Her advice to her peers? "Get out and do something! Get out and do some work! Too many old people are retiring too young. I don't think people should be sitting idle doing nothing, that's a waste of time."

While the historical age in the U.S. has been 65 (although that's gradually being raised to 67), Rotundo thinks that’s far too young. Seventy-five is a "respectable" time to retire, she says, but only if health is any issue.

"I'll keep going until I can't walk anymore. I go one day at a time."

Watch Rotundo explain the philosophy behind her own spectacular work ethic in her own words

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