Imminent Ravana in biz brings successful Rama to fore

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Imagine Rama being celebrated with the slain Ravana? The emerging picture is pretty fractured. The latter’s image is so much amiss sans evil.


Bad boys always take what you love the most

Ravana is always remembered more for audacity and less for bravery. After all, it’s not every day that you come across who kidnaps a god’s wife!

CEO and co-founder of Games2win Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal shares his tale of turmoil and his emergence from the same. “I was a very happy, hard working, ambitious and successful young man in my father’s socks factory. When I entered the factory, I was 22 and as luck would have it, I chanced upon exports of socks and made that a big success. At 28, I was the Rama of Socks! But since my uncles were not happy with my newly-attained success, they jeopardized my every endeavor by doing a Ravana on me,” he shared.

He quit his big time biz venture and initiated a start up and it did turn out to be a game changer for him. From a well-oiled and a cushy position, he slumped to zilch. The Ravanas in his family had played their tricks. Nonetheless, the success story of contest2win led him to mobile2win and the latter’s China business was acquired by Walt Disney.

Thankfully, if it hadn’t been for those unwarranted Ravanas, Alok would still be making socks. When the investors dragged him out of his own company, Games2win shaped his success tale.

Lesson to be learnt: Evil entails personal challenge and opportunity. Use it to your purpose.

Hit by trouble, people often perform beyond expectations

When Hanuman reached the Indian borders and realized that Sita was in Lanka, a place that was separated from India by a vast expanse of water, he was in a fix as to how to get to the other side.

In meditation, Hanuman remembered his lord and screamed in faith, Jai Siya Ram and made his leap of faith. Faith in God in league with faith in your leap (read: effort) can do wonders. And, most amazingly this is not the tale’s clincher. This is:

When Ram reached the Indian border and realised that Sita was in Lanka, he worked on the bridge construction. He endured the wait and crossed the sea when the bridge was ready.

In this epical tale, the million dollar question continues to gape at us. Why did Ram not take that leap? After all, he was GOD! HE could have easily said his own name and leapt and the monkey army could have followed suit.

The reason is pretty sublime—sometimes ‘the devotee’ is more powerful than ‘the devoted’. Similarly, many-a-time the employee (devotee) is more convinced of a startup’s success than the founder (devoted).

Hanuman’s leap turns out to be the contemporary employee’s meta leap and both have a common strand—faith. The latter can seek refuge in their faith and make that leap or they can cower down in a situation and may not flinch at all.

Just like Ravana had his life hidden in his belly button, the same is the trouble with problematic issues of today. Often, the way through dilemma is not through it but around it. Merely because you are good and righteous, it does not mean that you will win.

“In Games2win, our best flash games got stolen. If we had tried to fight that war using logic and lawyers, we would have bitten dust. Instead, we went on to invent ‘invisible ads’ that tricked the pirates and beat them at their own game. That invention alone made us scale from zero to hero,” Alok quipped.

So, if you have learnt your lesson well through the vicissitudes tabled by Ravana, you might burn him next time with joys of success than with pangs of malice.

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