10 Commandments to regain your 'Success Momentum'

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Success like everything else in life is a product of energy and the nature of energy is to flow perennially. If our life is not headed and directed as per our interest, the energy in application, through us along with various other resources, would not flow in the right direction.


Generally, we hit a roadblock somewhere at some stage of life and find it hard to progress the same way as we did in our previous years. A frank introspection will help us realize that we might have missed out on a few basics that were earlier a natural part of our working style.

To achieve greater glory, apart from having a definitive purpose and the passion to work, we should also have a disciplined lifestyle.

With time one tends to become complacent and start taking success for granted. The 'Success Momentum' that we may have gained starts to slow down and the obvious reason is because we choose to relax with a more casual approach.

To be happy in our life, apart from having a definite purpose and the passion to work, it is highly critical to have a disciplined lifestyle.

Here are 10 Commandments to maintain our 'Success Momentum': (Highly effective if used daily as self talk)

1. I shall always be willing to face any challenge boldly and courageously

2. I shall always strive to seek knowledge and equip myself to apply it effectively

3. I shall always lead a disciplined and spiritual lifestyle.

4. I shall always strive to earn at least 10 times more than my commitments

5. I shall always strive to give the best of the best lifestyle to my family/employees

6. I shall always lead by example, either ‘in profession’ or ‘in person’.

7. I shall always strive to maintain cordial relations with my people

8. I shall always be assertive and composed in my communication

9. I shall always be compassionate & humble

10. I shall always strive to contribute actively towards nation building