Virtual Reality Reaches Your Gaming, Movies – And Even Your Bedroom

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Unless you’re living under a rock with WiFi access which helps you read this, it’s impossible not to be excited by possibly the next biggest invention in computing – virtual reality. Everyone’s excited about it – from consumer cell phones like HTC Vive, to head Mounted Displays (HDM)s like the Oculus Rift and mainstream movies considering production in VR, to even adult entertainment.

Even Apple is reportedly planning to rival the Oculus, with reports stating Apple hired Doug Bowman, a researcher and professor at Virginia Tech who specializes in virtual reality.

Virtual reality is a fully subversive experience which makes the user feel like he/she is completely in the game/movie/simulated digital experience itself. Any direction you tilt your actual head, gives you access of your virtual character’s digital field of view. Completely blocking out your peripheral vision, VR HDMS ensure the only light your eyes experience are from what the gaming console wants you to experience. So whether you’re dodging bullets in a battlefield, or see the inside of a cockpit or swim yourself across a nearly real resolution digital ocean, the experience is first hand, personal and surreal. Combined with the ambient sound reduction headphones in the HDM set, the 3D sound adds effects previously inexperienced effects in your viewing experience.

Basically, horror games appear more horrifying. Action games make sure the feeling of blood splashing on your face feels so, and you’re almost entirely inside the premises. A full 360 degree view makes sure no sneaking enemy can survive the brutal gore you can inflict on his virtual character in the gaming experience. Pre-release beta testers and consumer of Samsung Gear VR state watching VR movies using an HDM headset stated watching a movie felt like “they were in a planetarium with unbelievably real sound”. The shock and awe factors provide a knee-jerk moment for all viewers.

Recently, the adult entertainment industry also expressed its interest in the emerging technology and now for the very first time in human history, VR porn is mainstream to fulfil your carnal needs. No longer would the scenes be flat or 2D – viewers can feel like they’re a part of the scene with POV shots that evolve as the viewer tilts his head, giving a surprisingly personal touch to the direction. Instead of watching performers get their groove on, one can submerse themselves into feeling a part of the scene itself. Some consumers also report virtual porn being better than real sex itself!

Be warned though: much like regular pornography, VR porn takes the risk of addiction much more phenomenally. Remember to feel some fresh air on your face every once in a while, and you should be good to go.