Take A Breather At The Office: Six Steps To Calm Yourself At Work

Take A Breather At The Office: Six Steps To Calm Yourself At Work
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Breathing is a great way to prep yourself for a big meeting or calm down after a particularly stressful situation. Entrepreneur and yoga instructor Danielle Abisaab says that practicing alternate nostril breathing is an easy way to get a clear head in the midst of a hectic day. “Our nose is directly linked to our brain and nervous system.

Breathing in through the left nostril awakens and energizes the right ‘feeling’ hemisphere of the brain, and breathing in through the right nostril awakens and energizes the left ‘thinking’ hemisphere of the brain. When we consciously alternate our breath between either nostril, we are actually activating and equalizing both opposing energies throughout the whole brain.”

Calm Down In Six Easy Steps

1. Sit in any comfortable seated position. Relax the body and breath naturally for a few moments, allowing your mind and body to settle. 

2. Rest your left hand on your lap or knee. Make a peace sign with your right hand. Fold the two extended fingers toward the palm or rest them lightly on the bridge of your nose. Place your thumb gently onto your right nostril. Place your ring and little fingers gently onto your left nostril. 

3. Close your eyes and begin by softly closing your right nostril (using your right thumb) and inhale slowly, deeply, smoothly, gently and without strain through your left nostril. 

4. Close your left nostril (using your ring and little fingers) and release closure of your right. Exhale through your right nostril. Inhale through your right nostril. 

5. Close your right nostril and release closure of your left. Exhale through your left nostril. This completes one round. Continue the pattern for as many rounds of breath as you wish. 

6. When you’re finished: relax both arms, sit and breathe naturally for a few moments before opening your eyes.


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