Relaxation Tips For 'Treps: Entrepreneur Danielle Abisaab Helps You Unwind Down At The Office Stress is a product of the mind and we can either empower or kill it completely; one way to get there is through meditation.

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Danielle Abisaab (in center).

New York City-based architect turned Beirut-based yoga instructor and entrepreneur, Danielle Abisaab, launched her first studio in her flat. After 11 successful years of establishing her yoga venture, she launched a new studio designed by her personally, putting both past and present career expertise to work. "Design and execution [took] two months. I was fortunate to work with an amazing and highly professional contractor who literally gave me the illusion of working in New York."

The space maximizes a basement flat in Beirut's Achrafieh district where students can buy membership cards or pay a per class rate. Abisaab uses a North American business model and it has paid off- her ROI happened just "nine months into operation." The approach has garnered her hundreds of loyal students who also attend regular workshops staged by guest instructors, hosted by Abisaab. Were there any setbacks? "This studio came together very easily as the result of past reflections and observations."

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Tips For Stressed Out 'Treps

"When we recognize that the stress reaction is a choice, and we have the power to make a different choice, stress starts to dissolve. Stress is a product of the mind and we can either empower or kill it completely; one way to get there is through meditation."


Just because you're in a suit at the office doesn't mean you can't do a few simple stretches. "Sitting long hours inadaycantakeabigtollon our health. The first thing to do is to become aware of your posture: every time you catch yourself slouching, crunching the shoulders to your ears, hunching over your keyboard, sticking your head forward toward your screen, or holding your phone between your ear and your shoulder, stop, sit up, extend the spine, reach the arms over head and give yourself a long nice stretch upward. Take side leans alternating between the right and left side of your torso. Go back to whatever you were doing while maintaining consciousness in your spine. Repeat this every time you catch yourself slipping into poor posture. Yoga is about expansion and extension, and your spine is the antenna by which you receive, assimilate and redistribute life's energies. Make sure to always keep it upright and spacious."

Image credit: UnionSquareYoga.


A quick meditation can do wonders for a racing mind. "Three minutes of stillness performed intermittently throughout the day will yield great results and allow you to achieve greater focus. Giving time to meditation in a day, helps you manage your time and schedules in a much more efficient way."

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