4 Essential Tech Tools for Startups

4 Essential Tech Tools for Startups
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Small scale or large scale, MNC or retail, even if you’re just a regular around the corner mom and pop shop, everyone needs a bit of technology to speed up their business and streamline everyday tasks. Not only would upgrading level up the playing field with your competitors, but also give you an expansion range which might not be a feasible option otherwise. From making small scale businesses switch online, products and services attract feedback and access range to customers from further corner of the country than you’d expect.

Here are some tools to help your small scale business to include a wider audience:

Cloud Based Storage

It’s amazing how few Indians take backups as seriously as they should. Whether it’s a regular unexplained crash, or electricity over charge/ cut, or simply a virus attack – your entire records would disappear. Cloud based storage ensures your data remains safe, forever archived and accessible on the go, on any machine whatsoever.

Email marketing mailer

Bulk emails, mass email mailers, emails which can self destruct after an elapsed time, read receipts, smoother interface, larger server space to attach files, managing contacts and making mailer lists – all everyday tasks can be simplified significantly using an effective mailer. Forget outlook, there are plenty of diverse mailer options to choose from than can save you a lot of time than manually typing contacts.

Social Media Presence

If you want expansion for your business, then social media is by far the easiest solution. From free publicity to infinite options to promote your establishment and new offers, everyone can access the information in one consolidated platform and without the trouble of learning a new website’s functioning. There are several tools out there that help you manage several Facebook pages or Twitter accounts at once, which make micromanagement a breeze.

Web analytics

Today’s analytical services are refined to present only statistics that you are concerned about, eliminating the need of hiring a professional, unless of course you have a large business. Web analytics can provide a host of information on how people are discovering your establishment, how they browse and what exactly they’re looking for. With knowledge comes power and with power comes revenue!

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