The Executive Selection: Choosing A Fragrance That Works For You

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The fragrances you wear are indicative of your personality- the investment you make in purchasing the right scent is as important as any other. Rather than trend-shopping (choosing the scent that a colleague or friend is wearing) opt for a fragrance that actually works with your body chemistry.

Paris Gallery
All black everything - Bvlgari Man in Black EDP

For the select few- Carolina Herrera Men Privé
Source: Paris Gallery

First, ask for the scent to be presented to you on a blotter. If you find it pleasing, apply a small amount of your inner wrist of your lead hand, meaning if you’re left-handed then apply it on the left inner wrist. Wear it for a day, and if you’re still fond of it after a few hours, then you have a winner.

An evening affair- YSL La Nuit De L'Homme Intense
Source: Paris Gallery

Pro tip: avoid spraying fragrance on your clothing- not only because it can damage a good suit but also because you’ll never see the real capability of the notes. Fine fragrances are meant to be worn on the skin, and only then do they bloom properly.