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The Executive Selection: Tom Ford Tom Ford got his own product lines making his grooming routine just that much easier.

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Tom Ford.

One undisputable fact? Global fashion designer Tom Ford is better groomed (and better dressed) than most entrepreneurs. Another undisputable fact? He's got his own product lines making his grooming routine just that much easier. Let's start with a clean canvas: a small amount of the Tom Ford Purifying Face Cleanser will do the trick. On a wet face, gently apply the gel product and cleanse for approximately 30 seconds, and rinse well. This can be done in or out of the shower, but hot water is not recommended in either case.

Source: Tom Ford

Feeling like your skin is dull and/or tired looking? Once you've cleansed and dried your face and shave area, apply a thin, even layer of the Tom Ford Skin Revitalizing Concentrate and let it dry for about 15 seconds. follow up with the Tom Ford Oil-free Daily Moisturizer, also in a thin, even layer. Incorporating a daily cleanse and moisturize routine will make for a better shave- it will keep your skin hydrated and fresh, and it will also help to prevent ingrown hairs and shaving nicks. for those of you battling late office nights, we suggest the Tom Ford Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment. Apply sparingly around the orbital bone, morning and night, for best results in treating dark circles and fine lines.

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