8 Pearls of Wisdom by Ace Banker Chanda Kochhar to Inspire Every Woman

Reading inspirational quotes by successful professionals stimulates motivational enzyme within us. And with this aim, Entrepreneur India has penned down some of the inspirational quotes by Chanda Kochhar, who has carved niche in her own way and become the icon of management fraternity.

Chanda Kochhar is a living inspiration for every Indian woman. Currently, she is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ICICI bank, India’s largest private bank.

Born in Jodhpur, Rajasthan on November 17, 1961, Kochhar kick started her career in year 1984 as a Management trainee in ICICI and from there she never looked back. She has successfully risen through the ranks by efficiently handling multi-dimensional assignments to heading all the major functions in the Bank at various points in her life. Here are some gems from her to ignite that fire in you. Read on…

On being a working woman:



On leadership:


On learning:


Nothing is impossible:



On women empowerment:

On success:

So next time whenever you decide to quit, do read these quotes they will help you to rise and shine.

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