SaaS is Gaining Ground in India: Here's Why Your Business Also Needs It

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Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery model where software is licensed on a subscription basis while being hosted by the parent company. SaaS has become a standard software delivery model for many applications for businesses. This can include bulk office messaging softwares, email organizers, salary statement processing software, content management, talent acquisition, anti-virus and service desk management software. The Unique Selling Point (USP) of this delivery model is a subscription based to reduce the costs of IT staff, additional hardware and multiple purchases of software on multiple machines.

It is a standard part of cloud computing, where instead not spending tons of money on hardware to run advance software which further require installation and licensing costs, customized cloud software is loaded to run via the web. This shared resources based computing not only reduces costs in business operations but also simplifies its operational methodology.

In India too, SaaS is catching up rapidly, particularly because of the cost reduction. Here are some reasons why you should consider exporting software as a service for your start-up:

No legacy software baggage

Unlike our western counterparts, most Indian SMEs do not have legacy software baggage and most of them are first time users of SaaS applications. They have nothing to compare the services with and no other alternative software to work on.

Super cost-savings

Indian entrepreneurs before their funding typically don't have the resources to sustain annual  costs like hardware operational costs like upgradation, electricity, expert users that can design or generate using those advance machines. SaaS can be customized to generate professional output using basic experience and minimal hardware machines on a brilliant internet connection.

Services are complimentary

In the Indian context, SaaS refers to Software and services combined together. Direct one on one communications are commonly established between clients and SaaS distributors, so the after-sale services including help on getting started, troubleshooting is easily resolved.

Simplified Payment and flexibility

SaaS have often partner with several e-commerce and wallet options to streamline the payment procedures and make life a lot easier than just buying CDs or individually buying software and installing them on every machine in your workplace. Some may even offer discounts on bulk purchases or longer subscriptions.

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