Tech Tips to Get Rid Of Donald Trump from Your Social Media

Tech Tips to Get Rid Of Donald Trump from Your Social Media
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Sick of the bigotry and blatant sexism promoted by US Presidential candidate Donald Trump? Hate white supremacists or are just sick of the hatred, racism and sexism promoted by Trump? There can be several reasons for not supporting Trump – from his obvious lies, contradictory statements, conservative Bible-thumping propaganda, anti-Muslim agendas, or his anti-socialist policies. You don’t need to be a person of color or a minority to not support such behavior or allow such a irrational person to become the world’s most powerful person. Personally as an Indian and of a religious minority,  I have no voting rights but Trump being in power could mean trouble for someone of color – so I get annoyed pretty quickly if I see my social media get flooded with Trump posts. Luckily, here are some solutions for that.

From blocking to masking Trump related posts, several developers completely away from your social media. Here are some of my favorites:

Browser extensions to block Trump

There are several extensions for your browser to completely block Trump from your Facebook. It’s really as simple as that. Though most of them are designed for Chrome, there are a few extensions for Firefox as well.   

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Remove Facebook friends that support Trump

Why waste time on feeding the trolls when you can simply get rid of them with a few clicks? To get rid of friends that support Trump and his bigotry, just type in the top left search bar of Facebook, “My friends who like Donald J. Trump”. Facebook will generate a list of people in your friend list that support him. The next step is to delete them. Voila, no more negativity in your life!

Replace Trump references with real ridiculous quotes by Trump

Have a great time laughing your face off with this extension hat replaces every Trump related headline with a ridiculously humorous actual quote by him. The Chrome extension looks through the text of a webpage you're visiting and adds a quote that Donald Trump either said during a media appearance or wrote on Twitter to his name.  The result? Hilarity.

Just ignore him

The surest, simplest way to eradicate Trump from your social media life would be to completely ignore his references. Understandably this is a difficult to achieve since he’s on a majority of advertisements, memes and references on the web more than others, but it’s the mature thing to do. Why waste time arguing over the internet when you can simply swallow your pride and let his supporters believe what they want to while you hope your favorite candidate gets voted.

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