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10 Ways to Sleep Smarter

This story originally appeared on Lewis Howes

If there’s one thing I have learned to respect about my health routine (in addition to eating healthy food) it’s to sleep.

Tiff Tyler

There was definitely a period of time, as a young entrepreneur, that I didn’t care about sleep.

Sleep when you’re dead! Right?


I was stoked that my man Shawn Stevenson was in LA so he could come back on The School of Greatness.

If you missed his first interview on the show, check it out here. He drops huge wisdom on the whys and hows behind proper sleep.

So this time around, with the re-release of his super popular book, we dove into the top 10 habits that are easy to change and make a huge difference in your sleep quality.

Shawn has an incredible story of how he healed his body from a disease in his early twenties by cleaning up his diet. This got him into the health world, but once he had a successful practice going, he realized that a lot of his patients were having big issues still . . . and they had terrible sleep habits.

Fast forward a few years and Shawn has become a wealth of knowledge about the best ways to sleep and why it’s so important that we take our sleep hygiene seriously.

He even did a walk through in my bedroom after the interview to give me tips on how to improve my own sleep.

Do your body (and mind) a favor and listen up in Episode 302 with sleep expert Shawn Stevenson.

Some questions I ask:

  • Why did you choose sleep as your focus in your health practice? (1:00)
  • What actually happens when we sleep? (19:33)
  • Why is it important to get sunlight during the day? (24:45)
  • What does “train hard but smart” mean? (41:31)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The only thing that not sleeping is accelerating is the day when you are sleeping because you’re dead (19:49)
  • Why kids have so much energy compared to adults (22:35)
  • The big issue with looking at your phone right before bed (28:24)
  • What drinking caffeine before bed does to your brain (even if you can still sleep) (33:22)
  • The reason Shawn says we should sleep in colder temperatures (36:15)
  • What happens when there’s even a little light in your room when you are sleeping (40:17)
  • The latest you can workout during the day and not affect your sleep at night (43:09)
  • What drinking alcohol before bed does to you (47:21)

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