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How Workers Really Feel About Video Conferences (Infographic)

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We regularly with friends or with family members, and conferencing is also increasingly how we communicate at work.

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According to a survey by West Unified, a communications firm, while more than half of employees regularly participate in -- 54 percent -- workers prefer audio-only meetings by a three-to-one ratio. Perhaps that’s because less than a quarter of workers ever received training on the nuances of video etiquette.

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Moreover, although there are generational differences regarding how comfortable they feel using a video conference for certain actions, , gen X-ers and all agree that they are more attentive during a video call.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about the benefits of video conferencing over audio calls and to find out what the main fears and pet peeves are with the method.


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How Workers Really Feel About Video Conferences (Infographic)


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