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Why Startups Fail and What Experts Have to Say About It (Infographic)

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Just as there is no one path that guarantees , there is not one single mistake that will doom a startup to -- there's more than 50, actually.


These reasons fall under nine umbrella categories, including ideas, leadership and planning, according to an an from U.K.-based web development and ecommerce firm Technorian. Obviously, there are pitfalls in managing finances and , too.

Beyond giving a litany of the many wrong turns a startup could possibly take, the infographic below also offers advice from people who have been there -- and succeeded. There are words of wisdom from contemporary moguls like and , as well as former presidents, athletes, inventors and others who have experienced the that comes before being a household name.

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Check out the infographic below to learn what you'll need to look out for when starting a business, and what the best of the best have to say about it.

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