7 Ways to Become More Productive

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Distraction and procrastination from work-related tasks are two important factors that decrease productivity.


These tips below can help you increase your productivity, and even get you ahead in your daily tasks.

Eat Healthy

Nutrients, vitamins and minerals from natural foods help rejuvenate your body. When you feel sluggish, have a fruit or a protein-packed snack. These foods provide natural sources of energy and help you focus. When you are focused, you stay on-task and complete more work.

Get Fresh Air

Fresh air helps rejuvenate the mind. Decreased productivity can be due to lack of stimulation in your work environment. When you feel like putting off a task, step outside for a few minutes and get some fresh air. Oxygen and sunlight can give you a natural boost and refocus your mind to stay on-task.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol slows down your metabolism and impedes your thought process, which makes you get distracted easily.

Alcohol also causes your body to become dehydrated, which depletes your energy. If you do not consume enough water, your day at work may seem to last for days instead of hours.

Reducing your alcohol consumption to one or two drinks on work nights will keep you more energetic through your work day.

Get Enough Sleep

Adopting a consistent sleep schedule and sticking to it is absolutely necessary. “If you are not well-rested, your work ethic and drive will be lacking all day,” says James Menta, CEO of 3Beds. “Part of this comes from having a proper bed that supports your body and allows you to fall asleep quickly. Getting a good night’s sleep sets the tone for the day ahead.”

Follow Some Effective Relaxing Techniques

Meditation, a hot bath, or listening to soft music are some common techniques to help you relax. Consider working out regularly as well, it is a great way to remove negative energies from your body. When you feel good, you perform well and have the ability to increase productivity.

Stretch and Move Around

Make it a point to get up at least once every hour. Stretch and take a short walk, even if it is only a short distance. Movement helps wake up the body and mind.

Boredom and stationery positions lead to laziness. If you find that you have a great deal of difficulty keeping up with an hourly break, consider replacing your desk with a standing desk option. If you are forced to stand and do your work, you’re going to get a lot more done in a shorter amount of time.

Block Distractions

If you are one that is easily distracted with social media and video surfing websites, it is a good idea to block them from your devices until after work hours. These distractions can take up a lot of time, which decreases productivity. Disable notifications on your mobile phones, they can be a major distraction. There are several applications and tools that let you disable notifications for a specific time.

Closing Thoughts

When all else fails, install productivity and motivation-based applications on your smart devices. These can be programmed to send reminders with alarms to keep you on-task. Sometimes, creating a goal or a reward for yourself can help you become more productive and improve your work ethic.