5 Productivity Apps Every Working Woman Should Have To Make Life Easy

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The mantra of ‘working hard’ is getting quickly replaced by ‘working smart’, and not without a reason. It is about becoming more efficient and getting maximum work done with minimum effort. And a lot of the credit should go to the wonderful apps that are making it super easy for working women to be organised, faster and more efficiently!


I must admit that I love smartphone apps, especially as they help me in being efficient and achieving my goals (both personal and professional) effortlessly. Here, I share with you my list of 5 super productivity apps. Believe me, they are a must in every working woman’s arsenal!


If there is a great way of sharing files, documents, photographs and presentations, then Dropbox it is!! It marks the end of an era where sharing meant cumbersome attachments and mailers. I prefer it as it is also available offline, it also allows you to save your work offline and syncs and shares automatically whenever you find a connection. I find it easy to use as we can directly open files in word and excel format.


This app is for those who like challenges and love to complete them. Winstreak works like your goalkeeper and motivator. It lets you set three “wins” for everyday, which could be clearing a specific backlog of work or to go to the gym (in my case to go for a swim!) or just about anything you have been vying to do. More importantly Winstreak is about feeling positive about yourself every single day, which is something that I feel all of us can do with.


This is one app that I think we all need – men, women, and students! Clearfocus helps you in avoiding distractions and completing work more effectively. It is a time management app which helps schedule work timings with small breaks in between which increases efficiency without making you feel tired.We can also customise the settings of this non-intrusive app. It gives also has an option of disabling sounds and vibrations on the phone that keep us from giving our hundred percent to work.


I no longer feel the need to make long to-do lists and then keep an eye on that to do list, so that it doesn’t get lost somewhere!Wunderlist not only lets you share everything under the sun with your associates, but makes your life easy on the personal front too. You can create a grocery list on the app or do all your vacation planning and share it with people who matter in real-time! With the load of work you have, it is all but natural to forget a few tasks here and there. Not anymore!You can now set reminders through wunderlist too and never miss a thing!


My list of super productive apps could not have been complete without Evernote in it! Taking quick notes, sharing documents, images, audios and syncing them all on the go across all devices is Evernote’s speciality! It is particularly known for its strong search feature and reference information. This one has specially helped me save loads and loads of time, energy, and efforts.

My list of productivity apps is an example of integration of technology in my daily life to make it smoother and easier. I urge you to try them as these apps are a great way to get work done efficiently and without breaking into a sweat while doing them! Not to forget the added advantage of getting more time to spend with your significant other and your family. If you have any favourites, do share.