How Healthcare Benefits From Digitization

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In the era of dynamic digital world, there is a great scope for improvement in current patient treatment delivery system provided one knows how to convert the challenges into opportunities.


The Digitization process can lead to greater advantage for patients and to the practicing doctors, also every one accepts that  today or tomorrow there is an inevitable need to adapt to the technology platform. Therefore, Doctors who are going to adapt this early will have a early mover advantage amongst their patterns.  

While it is important to move into modern system of practices, one should be aware of the pro and cons of its advantages and disadvantages. Today there are lot of companies venturing into the area of providing clinic management software along with digital health records, so choosing which one is suitable for ones practice is again a challenging task especially when the doctors are not so tech savvy.

Therefore it is always better to choose the one which is user friendly and has features that focuses on patient comfort and needs.

In pediatric care, the parent also has equal responsibility with the doctor if she or he wants their child's record to be digitally available, few points on do's and dont's for ensuring the right digital recording process of health records are 


  • Every time you finished your appointment with your doctor, all the relevant records must be updated as soon as possible.
  • Try to maintain the records on clouds based, and provide access to doctors you trust. This will make your life simple during emergencies, and when there is some error in your hardware device and the Internet.
  • As long as possible try to upload the past histories in a date wise order, because this will ensure the doctor to understand your health issues better and easier.
  • Always keep the hard copies safe as an alternative, u never know when the technologies can fail.


  • Don't Give access of the records to unreliable sources.
  • Don't only rely on doctors to maintain your health records digitally, it's your responsibility too.
  • Don't try to alter the data by yourself, 
  • Do not use the past prescriptions to treat your current health issues, this could be disastrous.

The Current problem with maintaining child health records are majorly 1, Doctor's response to technology adaptation, especially in Primary care segment. 2, Records if the patient wants to store Is only possible through PDF format, so it is cumbersome for doctors to go through all the data especially when the file is heavy, and possibilities are there that they may miss out on some diagnosis.3, Doctors need lot of assistance in maintaining records as its technology oriented, and they normally have staff who are not so qualified to handle this.

The pediatric network is a next generation platform for Pediatric patient treatment delivery system. A program embedded with multiple patient benefits along with Digitization process.