4 Tips For Designing Your Company Logo

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Designing a company logo may sound like a simple task, but this isn't always true. Unless you are a skilled graphic designer, chances are you will have to outsource the job to someone else.


The trick here is to find someone who shares and understands your vision. As you begin the design process, everyone sees a potential logo from a different perspective. The public does not always have the same perception as the brand owner, or the designer. Because of this, it's best to keep a few things in mind as you begin the process.

Think about Logo Concepts

Before you begin, put yourself in consumer mode for a moment and think about all the memorable and popular logos that you've seen. There are certain qualities every logo must have to be successful.

The first rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Too many letters, numbers, concepts, or pictures confuse the idea. A logo must also be memorable and appropriate.

You want a logo to convey your brand philosophy, but if it's not memorable, they won't remember your brand. It must also have versatility and strength, besides being functional across various mediums and applications.

Visualize the Design

Design is perhaps the most important concept in the creation of a logo. From a coat of arms, to company logos, to letterheads, this key part of a logo will catch the public's eye and keep them interested.

It's a great idea to scribble down some ideas, even if design is not your forte. You want at least something tangible to give your designer so that they get an accurate idea of where you want to take your logo.

Add color to your preliminary sketches. Do you think that your brand conveys black and white, red, or an assortment of different colors? To get the designer to truly understand your brand, give them a few ideas they can work with.

Avoid Borrowing and Clichés

Once an idea gets popular in the logo and design world, it has a tendency to really take off. This is an area you need to tread carefully. While you want your logo to be noticed, you also want it to be versatile and long-lasting. Try to avoid using any type of design clichés (ideas as light bulb pictures, for instance) or borrow from other brands (notice that many lines of young adult clothing suddenly have the same designs).

Try to use the name of the company as creatively as possible. Take a look at Amazon.com's logo, noting that the arrow points from the A to the Z in the logo. This is no accident, and a clever twist used to convey that Amazon sells everything from A to Z. Different and unusual fonts are also a great idea. A lot of things are in standard, Times New Roman or a similar font. Branch out, and grab the customer's attention with a readable, but eye-catching font.

Be Flexible

Think about extremely popular logos and how they have changed over time. (Popular soda brands are a good example).

Don't expect instant success with any type of logo or marketing strategy. But if the logo doesn't succeed over time, it's perfectly acceptable to change it. Don't rush to change a design too soon – even the Nike logo took years to take off. If it meets all of the criteria (simple, versatile, colorful), then chances are that in time it will be a winner.


There really is no right and wrong way to create a logo. However, it's a good idea to look at other companies and learn from them. A logo isn't going to make or break your company – but it can be a great way to catch attention.