App Review: Bod – Help's here to Let You Escape Bad Dates by Finding another Date

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In a world of likes, swipes, super likes and unmatches, the convenience and possibility of meeting a complete stranger for a date is as easy as it has ever been. However, with the comfort of finding someone special at the swipe of a thumb has bought the possibility of creeps and uncomfortable cringe worthy individuals as well. You can never really know how the other person is in real life. Despite days, weeks or months of chatting, calling, even video chatting will not prepare you for the real life, because people will always show their nicest side online. The privacy and ease of the virtual world has also raised the possibility of you being stuck in a situation you need an excuse to get away from, but your social etiquettes prohibit you from walking away straight away. That's where the app BoD comes in place, to help give you a Plan B in case compatibility clearly flows out of the room when you meet.

The App

Bod, or Bad Online Date, is essentially another dating app, but designed specifically to give users another chance. Granted, being someone's Plan B isn't the best feeling to start a relationship, but the year is 2016, and let's face it, we live in a progressive post-modern world where we can accept that.

How it works

The app works like any other dating app, but with a catch. When you set the date mode on, you'll be able to see other users in the radius you described for potential matches who are also stuck on a bad date looking for an excuse to leave.

The pros

  • Obviously, its good to have a backup in life, that's why they're calling the app a Plan B option if your date goes wrong. The app will provide you with a backup so that if you ever feel like you're settling yourself too low, you'd have it in the back of your mind that you have an alternative.
  • There would be easier matches since everyone matching is in the same situation as you are!
  • Quicker responses and almost instantaneous meets – the app aims for you and your match to meet almost immediately, because you're in the vicinity and looking for a date, have abounded your current date and are already dressed up for a date.
  • You have an advantage of an already common ground – you and your match already know you are walking out of a bad date, so that's a good ice breaker.

The cons

  • It's not a good idea to start a relationship knowing you're someone's Plan B. But if sparks fly, and you're from the same situation, then that can actually be a hilarious story.
  • The app makes no mention on how to prevent the awkwardness that would surely follow, and possibility of the first rejected date being hostile. Especially in Indian dating app scenes, which can be entangled with conservative jealousy very soon.

The app can also be used just sitting at home like any other regular dating app, and just like them, it works only if everyone uses it and has a large audience base. Would you use a dating app like this? Share us your experience with the virtual dating app scenes where you're situated on our official Facebook page Entrepreneur India